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Paintings Found in Singapore’s Art Museum

Posted in Travel with tags , , , , on January 1, 2010 by hangingbridge

Last two hours before flight PR 504 heading back to Manila, my brother and I were still roaming the streets of Singapore.  We were supposed to go to Sentosa because my brother has never been there.  But it was really warm outside and I’m sure he wouldn’t want to roam the park in that kind of weather.  I tried to look at the city map to see if we could go somewhere else where it will surely be cooler than the outdoors and found the two museums that was just a few blocks from one another.

City Map

Both allowed us to take pictures only if we don’t do flash photography.  I was very happy to save the images of the paintings and the museum itself to share with others.

It was Singapore but the Singapore Art Museum had many Filipino paintings more than others.

Clever Tunnel

Eternal Tunnel of Books.

This was located at the foyer in the 2nd floor of the museum.  A few people really paid attention to this display because it wasn’t impressive enough.  But it was a good thing we were more curious than the rest of them because this was one clever piece.

Eternal Tunnel of Books

You can just take a sit whenever you feel like it (thanks to my brother who took this shot)

My brother took this candid shot of me when I just had to sit down to rest.  There was only a few people seen inside the museum so it was pretty quiet.  My brother and I were the only one making noises and taking pictures.

Singapore Art Museum (SAM)


The colonial facade of the museum.

I personally thought that they should have Filipiniana facade instead of the colonial white one they had.  There were so many Filipino pieces (along with a few Mexican and Chinese pieces) that I thought it was a Filipino museum.  It’s a good thing Singapore has taken good care of some of our heritage.




Maid In Bataan by Amorsolo

Maid in Bataan by Fernando Amorsolo.

Enchanted Family Tree

Enchanted Family Tree (??)

One of the dioramas



One of the disturbing pieces encountered

One of the disturbing pieces I’ve encountered in that museum.

We just had to take a picture of this quote on the wall

We just had to take a picture of this quote on the wall

Self Portrait painted by a Zobel

Listening to Some Age-Old Music

The Linen Room

More Old Music

The Old Cinema Room

This room was covered with red velvet.  It made you feel like you’re in a theater rather than a cinema.  There were three projector screen which was playing one movie in three different angles.  By the way, they were showing a horror flick.  It wouldn’t be very comfortable if you were alone in this room.  Besides the horror flick, the room was relatively dark except for the red orange glow.

Going down a wheelchair-friendly slope

Your own personal tour guide

Before entering the Singapore’s Living History (portion of the) Museum, they give this big iPod-like gadget with a set of headphones to hang around your neck.  Each room of the museum has a certain number on the floor in which visitors will punch in this gadget and voila, you hear your own tour guide.

It wasn't the Smithsonian but it wasn't bad at all.

It was no Smithsonian but it wasn’t bad at all.