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Reckless Driving at 10Kph

Posted in Politics, Travel with tags , on July 28, 2009 by hangingbridge

We were driving along Libis hours ago to go to ISCAHM (Culinary school) in Katipunan Ave.  We had to make a U-turn.  Upon seeing the heavy traffic on the other side of the street, we changed our minds and decided to go straight and take another route.

Then one MMDA (traffic officers here in Manila) gestured us to stop.  And so, we did.  We parked our car beside them and rolled down the window.  We asked what was wrong and he told us that we were driving recklessly.

I was the passenger that time but I was the one talking to the traffic officer because I can’t stop myself.  Reckless driving?!   Bf was driving really slow at that time at less than 10Kph.  And we didn’t even change lanes or anything.  We didn’t even cut anyone off in the street.  And so, it puzzled me why we were being charged of reckless driving?

I asked the officer that we were supposed to make a U-turn when we noticed the heavy traffic on the other side.  I asked sarcastically if we didn’t have the RIGHT to change our minds when we are on the road at a time and place when we are not being an inconvenience to other vehicles.

I saw the MMDA that he was holding around 5 or more driver’s license at hand.  And he was telling us that there was a sign that it was a U-Turn lane.  But there was no barricade or sign anywhere to disallow any vehicle to go straight instead of making a turn.  What my bf and I did was turn around in our seats to look for the sign he was talking about.  And it took us around half a minute before we realize there was really no sign at all.

As he realized that I’m constantly challenging his charges on the driver, he said that he would let us go as not to inconvenience us anymore.  I said thank you.  My bf was still going on and on about the inappropriate charges (rolling my eyes then).  I told him let’s go (before the MMDA changes his mind).

Of all the road violations you could do under 10Kph, we were charged reckless driving.