Underarm care at Facial Care

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I visited Facial Care Quezon Ave. branch after almost year.  I still have remaining underarm treatments and almost forgot about it until two weeks ago when I was about to shave my underarm hair growth. (Ewe ba?!)

I have laser hair removal sessions and underarm whitening treatments that I stopped once I got pregnant last year.  Prior to my pregnancy, they have warned me that the procedure is contraindicated to pregnant women.  I have shrugged off that warning  a year ago not knowing that it is one piece of information I had to remember. 

The underarm whitening treatments were always a breeze.  I have to say otherwise about the laser hair removal procedure though because it reminds me of being in a dental chair.  There is no way to avoid the pain. 

While waiting for  the therapist(??) to get her supplies. I took self-portraits thru the mirror cabinets.

They apply a number of mixtures on your skin and then scrape it off to apply another one.  And then they leave the most sweet-smelling mixture for 30 to 40 minutes before wiping it off again.

I have “before treatment” pictures of my underarm but I wouldn’t want to subject my readers to more agony than they should.  I plan to compare the after treatment results at the end of all procedures.


St.Therese Day

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I believe there are no coincidences.

Early last night, my mother came into my room to persuade me into attending mass in the nearby church (Christ The King) because the relic of St.Therese was “visiting” the parish.  She tried but I just wouldn’t budge. 

I am not a religious person in the traditional Filipino sense. I am Catholic but somehow, I’m not strictly practicing the ways of being one.  I sometimes prefer going to church when the mass is over and there’s no more crowd so that I can pray in peace.  (By the way, I love going to Santa Clara church along Katipunan.)  So it would really be a big effort on my part to go to mass at the spur of the moment when I’m not entirely in the mood for it.  (Note that I do pray everyday, mostly to say thank you.

My mother resorted to making me feel guilty by saying that I’m not saying no to her but to God when I refuse to go to church with her whenever she feels like it.  Sigh! 

Right after she left, I found the need to look for a CD case because I was finally sorting and saving pictures of my daughter.  I rummaged one cabinet wherein I pulled out my Starbucks 2005 planner from beneath all the other notebooks and pads I had. 

If you remember the planner of five years ago, it had postcard and envelope inserts in between months.  The very page I was on upon opening it up had an envelope still stuck on its page.  I opened the envelope and saw that there was a piece of printed paper in it.  It was a poem made my St.Therese herself. 

I had goosebumps.  On the very same hour that my mother was trying to convince me to go to church to see the relic of St.Therese, I found her poem inserted in an envelope inserted in a planner of 2005 which I pulled out from beneath piles of my stuff that I haven’t touched for more than a year now.  

I read the poem and felt so happy for no tangible reason.

A Poem by St.Therese “The Little Flower”

May today there be peace within.

May you trust your highest power that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.

May you use those gifts that you have received and pass on

the love that has been given to you.

May you be content knowing you are a child of God.

Let this presence settle into our bones,

and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, and to bask

in the sun.

It is there for each and every one of you.


It’s too good not to share with anyone.  It is very reassuring for someone like me right now.

After a couple of hours, mom came home and gave me and Via a white rose.


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Skeptics, brace yourself.

We left this morning for a roadtrip to Bulacan.  We were invited to make a visit to a known “Magtatawas” or “Hilot” (local healer) in barangay Pulong Buhangin.  The purpose of which is to “heal” any binat that I have (if I have any) from giving birth. 

Before I agreed to this trip, I keep asking why do I need to go out of town for something I don’t really believe in.  I believe in logical explanations and procedures and this one isn’t offering me any.

I agreed for the sake of complying to my mother’s (and my cousin’s) insistence.  Also, I could use a time out from my kid.  (Sorry Via but you are just getting heavier and heavier and my back needs a break.)

So off to the winding and rocky road to the home of this Magtatawas.  We got there around 11am.  We were next in line of the Magtatawas’ visitors of the day.

The place was very provincial and it was a drastic change the city two hours away. 

At the end of the hut was an altar making the whole place a very rustic humble chapel-like framework. 

The Magtatawas was sitting on a bench.  I thought the lady magtatawas was one of the guests.  She was sitting beside a round tin basin of water and was wondering what it was for until she began her short ritual.

She summoned me to sit beside her.  She was looking at me intently when I did which made me uncomfortable.  By the way, her eyes were a nice shade of caramel brown.  Then somebody handed her an itak or a machete.  I was only alarmed when I realized it was scalding hot when it was used to melt the candle sticks we brought with us.  The melted wax dripped unto the water basin.  And thus the wax solidifies and forms in varied shapes.

She did that three times and formed the three above.  From the solidified wax, she told me things she could have known only if she asked me herself.  I am not a believer of such practices.  The only problem was she was somehow really capable of what she says she could do. 

She told me I was about to get married to another person when I met the father of my kid among other things.  She said that I truly love the person that I am with right now.  The problem was she saw from those three that I was going to be the primary bread winner in the family if we are to pursue building our family together.  Well, it wasn’t a problem for me but it was to those who heard her say it.  They were totally against me marrying someone who can’t provide as well as my parents could.  (Truth is, I don’t know if I could provide my child the same way my parents provided for us… so patas lang LOL!)

I don’t know what the problem was with women being the primary bread winner of the family because she earns more than her husband.  I don’t get it.  What’s bad is if the husband just lies around the house rather than doing his best to earn for the family.  This is not the old times when the wife stays at home, relaxes or does the housework while the men works day in and out in order to put food on the table. 

What I didn’t like about the visit was when she told me that I should split up with the father of my Via because I could find someone better.  I know she meant well but her reasons were not enough to break some people apart. 

Another thing is that people around me kept saying that Via doesn’t need to have a complete family.  They said that I was enough for my baby.  What they don’t understand is this:  I prefer to provide my child a complete and happy family because that was how I was raised up.  I don’t think we would be this happy if my father was missing. 

(I slightly veered away from the topic already.) 

It’s always a wonder how some special people can read you with or without a medium like the Magtatawas.  I’m curious how they do that.  It’s like a super human ability if not super power to actually read into someone else’s life without actually being there.  There are so many people around who claims that they can (in exchange for money) and there are only few who can actually do so.

The Magtatawas we encountered does not leave her home.  She does not advertise her work.  It was by word of mouth that people have come to know that she exist.  She sits there on the bench waiting all day and people just come and ask her to do what she does best.

At Home In Tagaytay

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Family weekend in Tagaytay along with some of our relatives. 

Note: Photos in Black and White and Sepia are taken from my camera phone.  The colored ones are mostly from a handy camera.

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Planner 2011

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The name of the game is “Stick To The Plan”.

I had to have some direction if I wanted this year to be a little better than last year.  First step I took is to buy a planner to get myself organized. 

I got this for less than a hundred pesos in SM Cubao (Stationery Department) and it’s in my favorite shade of blue.  Oh what luck! 

It’s more of a weekly planner.  I have to place the dates myself.  On one side, I can write notes like expenses, task list of the week and other game plans I have in mind.

Promod Pieces

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I’m in between sizes these days.  My clothes are either too small or too big.  I needed (hopefully) just a few pieces to get me through this post partum stage.  And then, (hoping against hope) that I’ll get back to my original size and be able to wear my old clothes.

We stopped by Promod (Megamall branch) last weekend and was able to grab two plaid shirts for me.  Tummy was still sticking out and obvious when I’m on showing my side view.  But on the front, it’s not that obvious.

I love Promod (and Iora) more than any other clothes store.  Too bad I don’t usually have the budget for it but if I’m going to splurge, I won’t have second thoughts splurging on their clothes.  I wish there was a local brand that sells clothes as great as theirs.

Shopping for a Wrist Watch

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I’m going to start working soon… I hope.  And I badly need a watch.  And last Sunday I decided to get a watch instead of using my cellphone to check out the time.  We didn’t exactly do any shopping because we bought from the first watch stand we saw. 

I never had a watch with a white bracelet.  It has always been brown or black leather if not the stainless steel bracelets I usually get.  And so I got excited with this watch.  I prefer the ones with seconds hand because I also check on my pulse rate every now and then.  Unfortunately, the watch that I liked didn’t have the seconds hand in it.  We still bought the white one because the rest were just too expensive or didn’t suit me at all.   

At last, I got a wrist watch for everyday use.  Hope the battery lasts more than a year though.  I don’t want to spend for the watch anymore than I need to.