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The Apprentice

Posted in Television with tags , , on January 3, 2010 by hangingbridge

I spent the whole afternoon watching the Celebrity Apprentice marathon on Velvet channel.  This was my first time to watch an episode and I was able to finish 6 of them without getting bored and with me getting more interested.

It’s so amusing that people with so much talent and ability couldn’t win a simple task as cooking cupcakes or selling them.

I noticed that the petty issues they have about one another is bringing everyone down in that team.

Since they are celebrities and are used to looking and being in their best behavior in the spotlight, it is uncomfortable to see for someone like me to see their true colors on reality t.v.  Some of them become condescending and manipulative.  Some of them do not take things seriously even though some people will be affected.  Some just want to go on their own way and neglecting the whole team in the process.  In short, they become these selfish team players.  Well, you expect no less from celebrities but if these are personalities you look up to, you’d expect otherwise.

On the other hand, some exceeded my expectations and the ones that I’m not familiar with has been upgraded in my list of the Real Nice Beautiful People on Earth.

It’s amazing how you could learn about human nature in this show.  People can’t stand one another.  That sad truth holds true not just on the show but in real life of an any one of us.  We find so many glitches in almost everyone else but ourselves.  It even holds true for couples who thought they found true love and get married and end mostly signing divorce papers.

I blame it on our great expectations with another.  Hence, we end up getting disappointed.  And sometimes, we get angry. And worse, we get even.  And the war starts from there.

I’m a slightly gullible person compared to most people.  I still believe that the person next to me is good.  But I am no doormat.  When a person betrays me, it will only be once and never again because I wouldn’t give him or her a chance.  And watching this TV show has confirmed that somehow, people will tend to disappoint you most of the time.

The teams in this cleverly put-up game show consist of almost random members.  The only thing that is similar among everyone else is that they are good at their own fields and they are all famous.  But a person has more to what she or he does or what he or she is known for.  The most valuable aspect of a person is how he or she does things to get him or her to the top.

It’s amusing how these talented and accomplished human beings couldn’t get past the differences of one another.  It is like it’s the biggest hurdle for them to go over than anything they had to go through before through in their lives.

The set-up in the show is like what we are here on Earth.  Let’s say that Trump (along with his followers) is like the Divine Intervention or Divine Being.  (For the religious, please don’t get upset.  This is just an analogy.)  The Divine Being has created all that crawls or walks this Earth.  He created them with not just free will but, also, character.  He puts them in groups, otherwise known as communities, or more risky, as families.  With all the clash of characters going on, only the strong survives in this community. And only those who have greater understanding and love for one another makes the family stronger.

Just imagine what happens when we all go for the same thing.  If we were working for ourselves and competing against everyone else, there is a better chance than when we have to work with another group of people.  It’s hard enough to come to terms with our shortcomings.  It is harder when we have to deal with the shortcomings of others.

The unfortunate truth is that we all need to work with another person at some point in our lives.  We can’t live alone as much as we can’t live with another unlikeable person.  But we all have to deal with our differences.

I have always believed the principle of Yin and Yang when it comes to relationships.  You can only live in peace if you bend a little and make compromises while the other person is willing to do the same.

We can be the good guy or the bad guy.  But in the end, the only thing that matters is if we can do what is right for another person as much as doing what is right for us.

Having a single goal (like in the TV show) can be both destructive and constructive and the determinant is always the type of goal we are all after.  If this goal is what benefits the team (or everyone else – for analogy), then it becomes constructive not just for oneself but for the rest of us.  Also it would be easier to attain because there’s a big chance that the other person (or team) would help you out. And even if you lose, it won’t matter because the you get a cut from the winnings.

Like in the TV show, the winning team (which is the girls’ team) may have bickering during the competition.  But after they had done the tasks successfully, it doesn’t matter whether who won it for them because they all get to share the success.

But if it is self-serving, tension arises and no one is happy except the one who wins.  Some members of the losing team has performed so poorly because they want to go on their way whichever suits them, whatever is more comfortable to them and whatever is easier to do.  The rest of the members who would like the team to win (instead of winning by themselves) suffers just because of the silly pride of some members.

The title of the TV show tells something about what the players are supposed to do.  They’re supposed to learn from all of the tasks to become the best Apprentice of all.

It’s hard to learn something when we are so full of ourselves.  How can we be open about what really matters when there’s no space left in us?  Or maybe there’s a lot of space available but we are not aware of it or fail to acknowledge it.

Life is about growth.  We have to start as the small person as we are now.  There’s no shame in it.  There’s only shame if we retain to be unworthy empty human beings who fail to acknowledge our mistakes and learn from it.  There is only shame when we fail to acknowledge the people around us.  There’s only shame if we fail to bend a little.

We can only grow once we fill it in with lessons learned as we go through life.  And the person beside us who is so different from us and who is hard to get along may be the person who can lend a lesson or two.