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Planner 2011

Posted in Shopping on January 26, 2011 by hangingbridge

The name of the game is “Stick To The Plan”.

I had to have some direction if I wanted this year to be a little better than last year.  First step I took is to buy a planner to get myself organized. 

I got this for less than a hundred pesos in SM Cubao (Stationery Department) and it’s in my favorite shade of blue.  Oh what luck! 

It’s more of a weekly planner.  I have to place the dates myself.  On one side, I can write notes like expenses, task list of the week and other game plans I have in mind.


Promod Pieces

Posted in Shopping on January 24, 2011 by hangingbridge

I’m in between sizes these days.  My clothes are either too small or too big.  I needed (hopefully) just a few pieces to get me through this post partum stage.  And then, (hoping against hope) that I’ll get back to my original size and be able to wear my old clothes.

We stopped by Promod (Megamall branch) last weekend and was able to grab two plaid shirts for me.  Tummy was still sticking out and obvious when I’m on showing my side view.  But on the front, it’s not that obvious.

I love Promod (and Iora) more than any other clothes store.  Too bad I don’t usually have the budget for it but if I’m going to splurge, I won’t have second thoughts splurging on their clothes.  I wish there was a local brand that sells clothes as great as theirs.

Shopping for a Wrist Watch

Posted in Shopping on January 24, 2011 by hangingbridge

I’m going to start working soon… I hope.  And I badly need a watch.  And last Sunday I decided to get a watch instead of using my cellphone to check out the time.  We didn’t exactly do any shopping because we bought from the first watch stand we saw. 

I never had a watch with a white bracelet.  It has always been brown or black leather if not the stainless steel bracelets I usually get.  And so I got excited with this watch.  I prefer the ones with seconds hand because I also check on my pulse rate every now and then.  Unfortunately, the watch that I liked didn’t have the seconds hand in it.  We still bought the white one because the rest were just too expensive or didn’t suit me at all.   

At last, I got a wrist watch for everyday use.  Hope the battery lasts more than a year though.  I don’t want to spend for the watch anymore than I need to.

Holiday Gifts

Posted in random, Shopping on January 7, 2011 by hangingbridge

Last holiday season, I wasn’t able to go and shop because I had almost nothing to spend.  I wasn’t able to experience Christmas rush.  And I was so envious of the people who complained of the heavy traffic on the road because it was that season again.  The worse thing was I wasn’t able to go to church at all. 

But even though I wasn’t able to enjoy the season like I used to, I am fully aware of all the saving graces of everyday.  And the gifts I received was an extra plus. 

It never fails.  I always get a book every Christmas.  This one is about Nicholas Flamel.  I first heard the name in a Harry Potter movie and was uttered by Hermione herself.  I understand that the book is fiction but the characters, especially Nick himself, are based on people who actually lived – and whose death remained a mystery.  Book review to follow.  Although, I’m not sure if I’m going to enjoy a children’s book as much as before. 

My mother had her holiday trip to Hong Kong with some of her shopping friends.  I reminded her not to join tour buses though.  She brought me home a cologne from L’Occitane.  I’ve been introduced to their lotions before but I haven’t tried their cologne.  All I can say about it is  that it’s the freshest scent I’ve ever encountered yet.  So it scores a pass.

Big Bag from CMG

Posted in Shopping on November 21, 2010 by hangingbridge

Good Old Travel Bag

Somehow, I have been coming back to this back every now and then.  It is two years old and overused in everybody’s opinion.  My mom has come to hate this bag already maybe she got tired of looking at it whenever she sees me.  She always ask me to look for another bag to use whenever I’m going out.  My mom and I don’t often see eye to eye on our sense of fashion.  And I’ve been told by friends that my mom has a good sense of fashion considering that she’s in her late 50’s and that I should take advice from her (or my sister).

Yesterday, I was in the mood to go out so when she invited me to go out with her and her sisters for dinner.  I complied happily because I’ve got exactly seven days before I have a new responsibility and I may not have any more time to go out.  Baby Via Faith is coming out on the 26th of November.  I’m both excited and anxious at the same time.

We went as far as Mall of Asia for a dinner at Kenny Rogers (watch me roll my eyes…) which we could have gotten at a nearby mall instead.  But eating with my mom and her sisters was kind of fun so I didn’t mind at all. 

After dinner, my mom suggested window shopping.  We had to choose those shops with sofas in them because I had to sit down.  We entered the CMG shop.  My mom was able to buy those keyholder wallets as “back up” gifts for this Christmas (just in case she has forgotten some people in her list).  I was contented sitting by myself in the sofa while they were checking out the goods when my mother’s attention was caught by a blue and brown big bag and showed it to me.  It was nice but I knew that after a short time, it’s going to look worn out.  I looked around and suggested some other bag that she was happy to purchase for me.  She told me to get rid of my old travel bag when I get home. 

 So here’s the new purchase which I’m sure my mother would hate eventually because when I get comfortable with something, I use it so frequently everywhere I go. 

The Replacement


love this little detail


CMG's Glossy Paperbag... probably for the Christmas season

30 Pounds More

Posted in My Baby and Me, Shopping on September 25, 2010 by hangingbridge

I’ve been eating for two ever since I realized I was pregnant – at 6 weeks AOG.  And 24 weeks after, I have gained 30 pounds and counting.  I’m having a hard time fitting in my preggy clothes.  Out of the 30 pounds, only 500 grams of it is my baby, according to the UTZ result done one month ago. Geez.   I must be eating for myself.  

In our (bf’s and my) apartment, there was no mirror big enough to see how I was getting so I was relying on photos to see just how big I was.  

Eating for Two or Eating for Myself?

Now I needed to get size XL maternity clothes.  I was supposed to buy in Pasig Palengke since I don’t want to spend for clothes that I’m going to wear for a few months more.  But on my birthday, my mom noticed the waste part of my pants is getting too tight already.  So she pulled me to a maternity shop (Pois Belly and Kids) and bought some loose clothes for me.  

Maternity clothes Size? XL

loose pants for the big tummy and giant thighs ehehe!

 I didn’t realize that they cost my mom quite much until I saw the receipt.  If I knew she was going to spend that much on clothes, I would have asked for a stroller or a breast pump instead.  But of course, I couldn’t because the giver decides what to give.  I was just thinking that I can still breathe in the tight maternity clothes I have right now.  And I still need a lot of baby stuff 😦  I didn’t want to sound ungrateful so I thank mommy for the clothes before we part ways. 

I just have to include another stuff.  For women like me who’s on the extra heavy side, it’s better to spend for a good pair of shoes.  The lightweight Crocs below make it easier for my ankles and the balls of my feet to carry my weight. 

comfy pair of shoes

Gushing Over St.Francis Square

Posted in Shopping with tags , , , , , , on September 6, 2010 by hangingbridge

As a first-time visitor of St.Francis Square along Julia Vargas avenue, I found a nearby version of Divisoria and Greenhills. Although there are fewer stalls, the items, both shoes and clothing, are comparable and may surpass those of the other “tiangges” (bargain market).

The price range of asian-branded clothing ranges from Php200 to Php300. Not bad at all considering the textile they used for the clothes. Almost all of the items came from Bangkok as the lady vendors claim them to be. They range from party clothes to everyday wear to office wear.

The price range for shoes are mostly Php 150 to 300. I still can’t attest how durable the shoes are in comparison to the branded ones we can get in the local malls. If you’re going for a collection of colors of the same style of shoes, you may want to get it from St.Francis Square. The one thing that caught my attention was the high-heeled shiny pumps in one of the stall. I only found a black pair. I may not have looked closer. There may be some other color available somewhere in the building.

“Tiangge”-lover should be able to go to Bangkok at least once in their lives. It was one whole “tiangge” city. There are so many clothing markets that somehow a shopper can get saturated. And when they do, it’s hard to identify which ones are a good buy and which ones aren’t. There may be times when a shopper, after rummaging their shopping bags in the hotel room after a long day of shopping spree, may wonder why a certain clothing caught their attention in the first place. Trust the “tiangge” owners in Manila who has sifted all the clothes in Bangkok and who has brought within a Filipina shopper’s reach all the fine clothing that is worth buying.

Everything was eye-candy in St.Francis Square considering that yours truly aren’t really into clothes. Magazines about clothes doesn’t even interest me. Browsing the actual items in the malls helps make me formulate a much better assessment. After frequenting department stores, Zara, Promod, Iora and, the latest, Forever 21, I can attest that the clothes in “tiangges” like that of St.Francis Square deserves a well-known brand of their own. But good for us who look for budget-worthy clothes, they aren’t branded; they don’t cost that much; and haggling is even allowed.

The only unfortunate thing was that almost nothing fits a pregnant woman like me. I wasn’t planning of shopping yesterday and was just out of the house for my weekend long cardio workout in air-conditioned places like the mall. As I walked from stall to stall in St.Francis Square, I firmly resolved to myself that I’m going to get my weight (and figure) back and will return to buy the type of clothes and shoes I missed wearing.