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Unstoppable: Movie Review

Posted in Movies on January 8, 2011 by hangingbridge

From beginning to end, this movie has placed me at the edge of my seat.  Reminds me of “The Taking of Pelham 168” movie but this one is more exciting probably because Denzel Washington is on the “wheel”. 

What would you do to stop a runaway train going over 70 miles per hour and it’s cargo contains chemicals enough to blow up and destroy everything in its radius of over a mile?

Two men, played by Chris Pine and Denzel Washington, were conducting train 1206 and was unknowingly going to go head to head with the runaway train 777.  They derailed 1206 just in time to miss 777 by inches.  They ended up alive and well until they both decided to do something about the runaway train.  The two men  tried to slow it down from behind unlike the previous attempts of stopping it from up front. They suceeded in not toppling the train over through alternate full throtle when they encountered the sharp curve in Pennsylvania.  However, 1206 lost its breaks.  Only an attempt to put a man up in the controls in the front made the runaway train stop.

What is not to love about a movie like this?  It makes the viewers gape at the movie screen watchful and waiting for the next event that will take place.  The movie is so good, it glued me to my seat.  No one would want to miss a scene since it is so fast-paced and each scene is critical to the story itself.

They could not have casted better actors than Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.  Both actors have starred in acclaimed movies in the past and Unstoppable is another one of them. 

I’ve always liked Denzel Washington in his movies.  He has always been the guy with all the right answers. 

What about Chris Pine?  He already has proven himself with all his other movies.  Besides being the most handsome white man I know (teehee!), I don’t recall not enjoying any of his movies before.  The cute Star Trek hero takes the reigns again in this movie.

Note to self:  Chris Pine’s features will make a much better vampire than what’s-his-name in Twilight Saga.


Movie Review: Cinco (2010)

Posted in Movies on October 10, 2010 by hangingbridge

A movie with five episodes in all.  It’s like a book of frightful short stories. 

Kamay: (Starring Sam Concepcion et al)

A final phase of a fraternity initiation took place in a morgue.  Three boys were locked up inside a morgue where everything was poorly kept.  As they were stupidly disturbing the peace of the corpses, they encounter a dead body in the freezer where there was a decapitated arm covering the face.  The neophytes was able to take it off the body and then it started moving around to attack the neophytes particularly the face and the crotch.  Everything ends when the frat leader swallows and spits the whole arm. 

The scariest part(s) is when the boys remove the white linens off the body and faces of the corpses.  The grossest part(s) is when a corpse vomits over the face of one of the character and when bodily fluids spills over one of the neophytes. 

Paa:  (Starring Jodie Sta Maria)

A kid loses her leg and life after running over her newly bought shoes which were stolen by a poor woman to give to her daughter.  In order to take her revenge, the kid haunts the mother relentlessly until the woman gave up and told her own daughter what happened.  The soul ended up burning after the woman finally uttered a prayer. 

Scariest part is when the woman during the funeral, saw the casket empty and the dead kid standing beside her own casket.   

Mata (Starring Maja Salvador)

The main character acquiring the power of a vivid deja vu saw her boyfriend killing two people.  In the end, after repeatedly seeing the zombies of the her boyfriend’s victims, she tried to intrude to prevent the memory from happening.  She ended up killing her own boyfriend.

Scariest part is during the classic bathroom scenes when ghosts passes by behind the character.

Mukha: (Starring Mariel Rodriguez)

It’s all about a psychotic boss who humiliates and fires a janitor.  Her staff wanted to scare their slave-driver boss, so they scared her with photocopied pictures of the face of the janitor.  Meanwhile, the janitor jumped off the building and ended up dead.  The soul then visited the boss on that same night to take his revenge on her.  While the staff were scaring her, she was also being hunted by the janitor.  In the end, the main character went crazy.  She was saying repeatedly the words “You’re fired” which reminded me of the character at the end of the Kimmy Dora flick.

Scariest part is when the photocopied pictures of the janitor ended up in the walls of the main character’s office.

Puso (Starring Pokwang and Zanjoe Marudo)

The love triangle caused the main character to resort to gypsy measures.  A love potion gone all wrong when the guy was murdered in the “haunted house” after drinking an excessive dose of the love potion.  The zombie then ended up obsessive to the main character killing a couple of friends who tried to stop him. The main character was able to kill the zombie by burying him.  When the zombie’s arm still tries to make his way out of the ground, the main character tried to decapitate the arm from the body. The arm ended in her face as she was then killed.  (Note: She was the corpse with the decapitated arm and hand covering her face in the first episode)

I couldn’t identify any scary part in this episode.  From the start, everything was funny especially when I see Pokwang’s character’s face which was full of warty hairy moles all over.

Despicable Me (2010)

Posted in Movies with tags , , , , , on September 9, 2010 by hangingbridge

The trailer a few months ago was short and “sweet”. 

A satisfied-looking man in a suit  walking in the park came across a kid crying over a scoop of ice cream that dropped on the ground.  The creepy-looking man with the pointed nose then assembled a dog-shaped balloon out of his pocket and gave it to the kid.  Once the kid was elated with his new toy, creepy man deflated the balloon with one needle poke.  The man then gets the kid out of his way with one swift motion of his hand and walks on. 

He had the talent to give and take back just for the mere satisfaction of making others more miserable than before.  He was Mr.Gru, the professional misery-maker.  He bestows catastrophe on a higher scale.  He works globally.

He was the super villain until someone else made a super steal – a pyramid in Egypt.  He needed to come up with another outrageously awful crime to get back to the top.  Then here comes Vector, formerly Victor, who carried a grudge against Gru for freezing his head off after meeting him  at formerly Lehman Brothers bank where Gru was supposed to get his loan to fund for his next crime.

With Dr.Nefario’s help along with the Minions, Gru finally got the shrinking device to make his super steal – the moon.  Unfortunately, Vector was able to steal it from him.  Now, Gru needed the help of three orphans – Edith, Agnes and Margo – to penetrate Vector’s ridiculously armed fortress in order to get his shrink ray gun back. 

After he got the device back, he was then off to get rid of the three orphans in an amusement park.  He then went home, the three orphans still in tow along with newly found fondness over them. 

Everything was set to bring about another global, and this time, universal distress.  He was ready to steal the moon.  The only thing that was distracting him was that he who had a deprived childhood, wanted to spend more time with the kids.  And Dr.Nefario who noted Gru’s sudden lack of interest to continue the mission, helped get rid of the children.

In the end, Gru was able to steal the moon and was able to bring it back in spaceon the same day. He was also able to get his kids back.  And now Gru, the super villain that he was, is not so bad as he is now trying to be the super dad. 

There are scenes in the movie where a 3D cinema would allow you more to appreciate the animation much better – namely in the roller coaster scene.  I could just imagine because I’ve watched the movie in a regular cinema.  The story line isn’t that unique.  It is even comparable with the movie Up.  Kids will soften the hearts of  grumpy men – both old and not so old. 

If kids of today watch cartoons of the past, they would probably think they’re really old flicks created with no help from technology.  All characters were flat.  Colors were vivid but not as dynamic as the animation made for 3D cinemas these days.  Storywise, cartoons of the past were still notably incomparable hence, still enjoyable.  It was more of a story-telling experience rather than an experience of the newest technology.  

I recommend people looking for a happy ending watch this movie.  So far, it has been the most entertaining animated film of the year.  It is far from realistic and is truly an escape from what we cannot attain in real life – a change of heart.

Funny Filipino Flick

Posted in Movies on July 26, 2009 by hangingbridge

I’m currently watching ONE NIGHT ONLY in Cinema One (Filipino Cable Channel).  It’s an adult comedy film.  And it was done with taste.

There are a number of couples in this flick.

A woman from the province who was coerced by an actor who was married and have three kids to join him in a motel to do the deed.  It took hours for the actor to persuade the modest woman to get out of the bathroom to join him in bed.  After one round, they had to do it again and again because the woman turned out to be insatiable.  And the actor was so tired to get out of the bed because he said, he was dead tired from being used by the girl.

I didn’t know there was a rule in local motels (or maybe it’s just in the movie) that states only couples that consisted of a man and a woman is allowed to enter motels.  So gay couples aren’t allowed.

There were two gay couples: one male pair, one female pair.  So to get in, the homosexuals (lesbian and gay) paired up in the car, while their bisexual partners came together via taxi.  The problem was the taxi came first while the lesbian and gay had car trouble.  So, the bisexual man and woman was stuck together in a room by themselves.  Note: The bisexuals were just coerced by their gay partners.  And was happy to get away from their partners.

And then, there’s the jerk who was doing two women in the same motel in different rooms.  He accidentally sent the message of where to meet him to one woman when he meant it for the other.

And then, an even bigger jerk was the congressman who was picking up women in the streets and taking them to the motel.  That night he died of whatever.  It was unrealistic because he died with a smile plastered all over his face.  No deed was done.  The public official didn’t get anything at all.  He was then found dead in the motel including his daughter who had been with the first jerk mentioned.

I never thought a film like that could be so enjoyable.

One Night Only Movie Poster