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Yes, Skin Color Still Matters

Posted in Health, Humanity with tags , , , , , on July 4, 2010 by hangingbridge

The day before I was leaving for the States, I passed by the drug store to look for (skin) firming lotion.  I looked for the aisle for skin treatments and found myself in a pile of whitening creams and lotions.  Everywhere I looked were different brands and promises of whitening the skin in the shortest possible time.  I was in a hurry at that time so the sight of all the whitening creams worried me.  I didn’t need any of them.  I needed something to save me from the impending stretch marks in the coming months.  So I took a little more time to scan the line of lotions and found me a big bottle of (Jergens) firming lotion.

This took place in Manila, Philippines – my hometown.  It is a sad fact that despite the fact that Filipinos are educated beings, they find beauty in fair skin.  And not only that, they see a status symbol through skin color.  It is very shameful but I have to admit that my people base their impression on a person based on the amount of melanin you have.  The more melanin you have, the less likely you are well-off in life.  Very stupid criteria, if you ask me.

There was a local actress years ago who got linked with a certain Fil-Am celebrity.  Critics of the showbiz world would say that the Fil-Am fell in love with a housemaid.  Housemaids in this country isn’t as dignified as it is in other parts of the world in that they earn so little for such hard housework.  They are the uneducated daughters of the poorest of the poor.  The critics derived this “housemaid” nickname due to her morena skin.  (Morena – brown/dark brown skin).  Sadly though, the couple didn’t last long.  The Fil-Am found another morena-skinned woman. 

Morena is equivalent with poor and uneducated unless proven otherwise in this country.  The morena needs to dress up in expensive clothes or ride expensive cars or should be speaking in fluent English.  This is how “silent” racism happens in this place.

Philippines is a Chinese-infested country like any other country in the world.  They are the privileged beautiful people who occupies most of the rich 5% of the population.  Somehow, if you have a two or three-letter word for a surname, you probably belong to this 5% and is likely the fair-skinned Chinese people.

The TV Ads are shameless these days.  There’s a line uttered by a fair-skinned actress regarding the Skin White product.  She says “…makes your skin whiter and stays white…”  or something like that.  If I was born black, I could have been offended.  There are tarpaulins hanging along the streets about glutathione or metathione products which makes a melanin-blessed strong-looking woman turn into a white “gentle” looking one. 

I don’t understand why the governing body don’t censor these insulting ads.  It speaks of racism.  If they are against violence then they should start with the disturbing brain-washing ads.  Once we see the color of the skin as a criteria to judge a person, impending injustice may ensue in the future.