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House Arrest

Posted in During The Day, My Baby and Me on September 28, 2010 by hangingbridge

What we do during rehab


I don’t think I’ll be showing my work in the near future because basically I’m no painter.  Since I’m required to stay indoors and pretty much lie around the house, I have to find something to amuse myself.  I brought with me my art set which I bought a few months back.  I never really did get to use it that much.  

Today, I finally set it up in the dining table.  Before I got to work, I needed to search painting techniques online.  Of course, I wouldn’t really learn that fast and that much from the videos.  I started to think of a subject for my first piece.  There was not much of an inspiration inside this house.  I resorted to the flower arrangement in the dining room.  Eek!  

I turned on some Baby Einstein music for my baby while I started working on my piece.  I somehow had to laugh at myself.  Painting during free time would be like going into a rehabilitation or psychiatric facility.  And I’m imagining myself that I really was in therapy.  My unruly hair and messy hands would complete the picture.  

I am always fascinated with colors.  And while I’m aimlessly brushing colors in the thick pages of the blank art notebook, I was quite uplifted.  After sitting there for hours, looking at the hideous page of colors that didn’t go well together, I felt somehow calmed.  Like the hideousness that I have kept inside (and outside) finally found its outlet.  Teehee!  Looking forward to my next work of art.


Living in a Routine

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Ever since I moved in our apartment, I have been living a life of routine.  I wake up as soon as he wakes up – and that is around 5:30am – as he gets ready to go to work.  He buys our pandesal while I heat water for his coffee and my cereal drink.

I went with him one time to buy the pandesal which was just a block away.  I thought he was buying it at a bakery.  I found out he was buying it from a lady who set up a seat in front of her home and placed a big box of freshly-baked pandesal.  I knew it was freshly-baked because the bread was lightly toasted and soft in my hands.  I was taught not to buy toasted pandesal because the bread might have been reheated over and over again.

As soon as the bag of pandesal is placed on our small dining table, I take out the soft cheddar cheese out of the fridge and start slicing it up and placing them in the pandesal while they were still warm.  It was a very satisfying breakfast, if you ask me.

Since I grew up with a cup of coffee in hand, I always ask him if I could drink coffee every now and then.  We go through my usual bargaining for half a cup of coffee.  He sometimes says “yes” and sometimes says “no”.  We both know I shouldn’t be drinking caffeine until after three or four months.

Thank goodness for early morning shows like “Umagang Kay Ganda” or “Unang Hirit” that start as early as 5:00AM.  I was able to watch television during breakfast and while I wait for him to leave for work.  The local morning shows are the only ones I appreciate on local tv.  Beside providing news from the previous night or early morning, it provides other information (some may be trivial and some are not) about people, places, food, politics, money, homes, fashion and even astrology forecasts.  They were the ultimate TV magazine.

So, after he leaves and me left behind, I do my usual chores.  These include making the bed, sweeping the floor, washing the dishes and filling up our drinking water in the fridge.  After which, I take my bath.  And now comes my favorite part of the day, reading my book and playing with the computer at the same time.  I have limited internet usage at the moment.  More reason, to finish my book before the baby comes.  Or else, I don’t have anything to show for after the pregnancy.  Well, of course, there is the baby. But I wanted to finish my “school” book before pregnancy ends.

He comes home for lunch and then takes a short nap before leaving again for work.  He’s the one who cooks and wash our clothes.  Before he leaves for work, clothes are already hanging to dry under the sun.  He is a freelancer and has control of his working hours somehow.

Before he comes home at night, he expects that I already cook rice for dinner.  That is the only food he trusts me with.  Between the two of us, I can’t cook anything else.  He might as well cook our meals or else, we might be wasting a lot of ingredients.  It’s safe to say that he is a good cook.  From my usual one cup of rice, I’m now able to finish two or three more servings of rice.

We go to bed really early with the thought of the early mornings.  I was used to sleeping past midnight but once I moved in, I didn’t mind sleeping around 9pm.  While he takes his shower, I wash the dishes.  And I take my turn in the bathroom after he’s done.

And our day ends talking until we fall asleep.  I think there was this one time that he was still talking while  I was already starting to snooze.  He told me that I was also snoring a couple of times.  Funny.  No one complained of me snoring before.  People often complain that I talk in my sleep.  With him by my side, I’d rather be snoring than talking in my sleep.

Sleepless and Losing Weight

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Ever since I came to the States, I’m having trouble sleeping.  This has been going on for four days already.  End result is lightheadedness and tolerable headache.  I was able to sleep at 3am awhile ago and now it’s 7:30am.  This was relatively better than the other night when I was able to sleep at 5am and woke up at 11am.  The first 2 nights was terrible.  I was even waiting for the sun to come up.  We came from the other side of the world and I’m really having a hard time dealing with the time difference. 

I was told that if I keep this up, I’m going to have a lot of discomfort during my labor.  I’m 18weeks pregnant, by the way. 

The other thing that worries me is that I lost 2 lbs yesterday and haven’t gained it yet.  I’ve been eating a lot until yesterday when I was told that I’m going to have a big baby if I don’t watch what I eat.  I’ve been craving for sweets and now I’m trying to avoid them.  But I’m still looking for my two pounds. 

I just hope my baby is not having a hard time with these. I do hope she or he is just sleeping comfortable down there and getting all the nutrients that he or she needs. 

This pregnancy has gotten me so paranoid.  All I do is worry.  My husband who I left in my home country sent me a message not to worry that much because it may be bad for the baby. Only if he was here, then I would know everything will be alright.

Morning In The Office

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I’m in the office for the past one and a half hour. And the first document that they placed on my desk for approval made my blood pressure rise just a little. The document was made ready two days ago. And I’m only signing it now. It was a check for the social security of the company staff. And as I sign it right now, it would seem that I’ve been holding the check for the past two days. This is not good. I don’t want to be the guy who put on hold the staff’s benefit. If payment to the goverment office was delayed, it would look that I was at fault. I approached the one responsible and told her that this should not happen again. The problem is this woman does not really comply with the deadlines I set up just so we wouldn’t be delayed in paying our company bills. Other staff has been complaining about this certain staff and I wonder why she still isn’t fired.

In this country, you can’t just fire people left and right even if they deserve to get terminated already. The goverment will question the company for doing so and worse, ask the company to pay the delinquent employee.

I’ve been to DOLE or Department of Labor and Employment to observe some kind of mediation between the company representative and a begrudged employee who was terminated because of theft. While waiting, I overheard the ongoing meetings preceeding our scheduled meeting. The attorneys are trying to explain the rights of the employer to terminate. But these type of employees were there to complain. The gall! The face! They do something against the law and they think they have the right to complain and ask for more money. Tsk!

Employers should have lawyers at hand to put these people in jail and not just put them out of work.

The company has been humane in treating their terminated employees. It allows these type of employees until they can pay off what they stole before actually terminating them. If it was another company, they would sue these employees and demand the money back plus damages they incurred after tarnishing the reputation of the company.

Back to my incompetent fellow staff. I heard she was going to file resignation soon. I do hope we could get an employee who could do better.


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This is probably a late post since the following happened yesterday but I was too busy playing Facebook games and couldn’t gather my thoughts that well.  But since it has been bugging me, I guess I have to write it out to let off some pressure.   Or something like that.

We have a family friend who is very nice and very doting to the point that she is being too smothering – probably, worse than my own mother.  And sometimes too intrusive especially about my current relationship. I knew she was having problems of her own which is more serious than mine.  And she’s probably projecting her problems on me.

Well, yesterday, there was an afternoon church event where they have this spiritual healing mass at 4pm.  She was inviting me to go with her but I couldn’t commit to her because primarily, I don’t want to attend those things.  Secondly, I get off from work not earlier than 5pm because I don’t want to have any transactions put on hold because I was not available.

Other people can do my work, but I don’t want to get paid for doing nothing.

Well, she wasn’t able to go.  The reason was because I wasn’t able to go with her.  I was kind of irritated because I don’t see any reason why she should put this on my shoulders.  She couldn’t accept that I can’t go and have to work on a workday.  I couldn’t drop everything just because she made the call.  I could do that for my parents or my siblings or my nephew or my boyfriend but not for anyone else.

And then worse comes to worst, she subtly threatened to kill herself.  What a way to put as serious as this on my shoulder. That night (that was yesterday night), I promptly wrote to her daughter who was younger than I am.  It’s because I just couldn’t wave off without care someone who just might be suicidal.  But I’m not sure if she has read my mail yet.  Or maybe she is ignoring me because of what happened.  After all, I wasn’t able to accompany her mother to the church event because I was working… like her.

The truth is I am in no position to help anyone right now.  I’m still struggling in making my life a little better than what it is right now.  I’m not complaining about my life though.  It is pretty good but I was hoping that I could accomplish things that I could be proud off without anyone pushing me or expecting me to do.  But with people like her, I’m not sure if I could focus on the good things in my life.  Instead, she is beginning to be a negative energy instead of being a good one.

I feel bad somehow for thinking this way.  She is a good person but there’s something manipulative about how she suggest things to me.  I feel like she wants to run my life.   And I don’t want anyone to run my life for me.  Ask my parents or my boyfriend.  They couldn’t get me on a leash if they wanted to.

Lest We Forget

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I have encountered the second hepatitis B case in my entire life.  As we all know, Hepatitis B is as dangerous as AIDS.  It shortens the life span if not addressed immediately.

I was talking to this person with Hepatitis B and found out that he didn’t receive patient education regarding his case.  I was upset with his doctor for explaining incorrectly about the disease.  The female doctor told him that the main cause was food transmission which was incorrect.  He was diagnosed correctly but was not provided with patient education which was as dangerous as acquiring the disease all over again multiplied by the number of people the patient would infect non-purposely.  I should say that is medical malpractice itself.

I was talking to this person this morning trying to explain to him what the type of Hepatitis he has and how it will implicate his life and the life of the people around him.

So as to avoid any panic attacks on his part regarding the disease, I tried as hard as I could to explain to him mildly.  I gave him one instruction which may not be helpful though.  I asked him to go back to the lady doctor who gave him the diagnosis and clarify what the disease is all about.  It may or may not be constructive in his part but I think the lady doctor should not have misled him in believing that he got it from the street foods he has been eating (which points to a Hepatitis A and not B).  It is also the duty of the lady doctor to educate him on how to prevent the spread of the disease to his loved ones and others too.  Before he left, I told him a couple of things:

  • have his close contacts go to a doctor for assessment
  • the spread is via blood and other bodily fluids
  • the spread is via needle inoculation and sexual contact
  • it can be passed from infected mother to her newborn

I have talked to one personnel regarding his case and told her that we should not be alarmed or should not fear the infected person with this disease because it didn’t easily transmit to others with mere everyday encounter.  Also, to protect from any discrimination, I asked her not to let others know about the disease since health information is still confidential.

Somehow, I saw that I made the staff anxious about his disease.  I’m quite sure that he can’t go to sleep right this minute (it’s 2:01am).  And he has to forgive me because it is my fault.  But he has to undergo the 5 steps to acceptance of his condition or else, it would be too late for him and for others too.

I swear that tomorrow I will send him a message that his goal is to keep himself healthy so that his body will form the antibodies that will temporarily eradicate the virus somehow to non-infective, non-symptomatic levels.

I was about to give him a prayer card I have posted in my cubicle wall in the office but thought against it.  He might think that I’m giving him a death sentence if I implied that he needs to pray hard (if not harder).

I didn’t want to alarm him too much regarding his disease but I made the call to let him know.

When we are faced with our own mortality or physical weakness, we somehow feel helpless.  I feel that it is out of our hands.  And we rely, if not on Divine Intervention, on others to help us cope with it.

I hate getting sick.  But whenever I do get sick, I look for my dear mother whom I don’t have anything common with, whom I fight and argue with most of the time but whom I turn to when I’m in pain.  I don’t know about other people but in my case, my mother is my refuge whenever I get sick.

I feel sorry for those who don’t have anyone to turn to when they get physically ill.  I pray especially for those who are so weak and needs someone to do their self-care for them.  I pray for those who are at the mercy of strangers instead of loved ones.

When I’m sick, nothing matters to me except the people around me.  No material thing is more important than them and the relief they bring to me.

People don’t think about their mortality often enough.  Because if we did, we would be starting to value more the things that are truly important.  I don’t think we ever consider our mortality except when we get ill and that happens rarely (praise the Lord for that).  But not being sick is not an excuse why we are so attached by all things here on earth when everything here is just temporary for everyone.  No one stays here forever.

I am afraid for my mother who seems to be attached to material things.  The way she is afraid of the topic of death and the dying.  She seems to be holding on to her life.  There is nothing wrong with trying to prolong our life but the bad thing is I don’t think she has accepted our mortality yet.

The sad thing about dying is we don’t know for sure if we would be seeing each other on the other side or if there is really another side.  I am hopeful about the next life because without which, it seems all so pointless.

31 Shots

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Here are some pictures taken days ago during my birthday.

What I found on my desk when I went to work that morning

What I found on my desk when I went to work that morning

Loved the plump white roses

Loved the plump white roses

Team Pacquiao :D

Team Pacquiao 😀

After the Pancit, Lumpia Shanghai and Krispy Kreme doughnuts

After the Pancit, Lumpia Shanghai and Krispy Kreme doughnuts

The special day extended until Saturday when Dell and I could celebrate it together.

Freshly baked... but why give us one piece when there's two of us?!

Freshly baked... but why give us one piece when there's two of us?!

Guess who got the "girly" drink.

Guess who got the "girly" drink.

I just have to say, Gumbo's eggplant parmigiana is perfect.

I just have to say, Gumbo's eggplant parmigiana is perfect.

Mildly Spicy Jambalaya... TWO THUMBS UP!

Mildly Spicy Jambalaya... TWO THUMBS UP!

Well, this is us while waiting for our dinner at Gumbo, MOA branch.

Well, this is us while waiting for our dinner at Gumbo, MOA branch.

Well, I can’t exactly provide 31 pictures.

  • I had 31 years in my history book.
  • I had 31 years to grow up.
  • I had 31 years to learn about the world.
  • I had 31 years to learn about myself.
  • I had 31 years of survival.
  • I had 31 years of sheer luck.
  • I had 31 years of happiness.
  • I had 31 years of struggle.
  • I had 31 years of freedom.
  • I had 31 years of getting ready for the next 31 years.