Coffee Can’t Help Me

Coffee has turned into one of my security blankets the same way other people see their coffee. People say they can’t wake up or start working without having their daily intake of caffeine. They need the smell and the taste of coffee in their system.

I love coffee basically because of the way it taste. And somehow, it picks me but maybe this is all just psychological crap on my part. It really doesn’t do much to me just the same way as water does.

I don’t easily palpitate with coffee. In fact, I haven’t palpitated by drinking coffee.

I started drinking coffee when I was in fourth grade. My father started to prepare half cup of coffee for my sister and me. It was him that started our addiction… ehem… our love for coffee. Ironically, my father is not a coffee drinker. He’d rather have hot tea or warm water. I think he just saw the need for us to have coffee at such an early age because it was so hard for us to wake up early in the morning.

My sister and I are so sluggish that my father had to say everything in a booming voice every morning so that we could pay attention. I think it’s tiring for him to do that all the time, hence, he saw it fit to have reinforcements like coffee.

But right now, I feel that coffee won’t do me any good.  It’s not an energy drink.  There’s not enough caffeine in one cup that could pump my adrenaline in order to pay attention at work today.

Ugh! It is really hard when you’re running out of energy.  I haven’t been listening to my students enough to understand what they were trying to tell me in class.

You can never rely on coffee to help you do a good job most of the time.


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