Tasks For The Day

I woke up at one in the morning last night (Is that a correct sentence?).  I couldn’t get back to sleep because my mind is in overdrive.  I suddenly thought of the things I needed to do.

1.  Ask how much the townhouse cost.

– My parents are selling their house which was used only for three months (and that was when I was pregnant and in hiding).  I’m planning to sell it for them.

2. Remind the nanny to wipe Via’s face, hands and toes three times a day.

– Via is putting everything in her mouth including her toes.  I want them clean before she sucks on them.

3. Fill up Korean Visa Application.

– We’re planning to visit Seoul.  Yay!  And I want to leave as soon as possible during my first month at my new work because I’m not yet entitled to an incentive at this time.  So, this is the best time to absent myself from work (never mind the bad record).  It really won’t make any difference in the salary I’m going to receive.

4. Complete the requirements for work.

5. Start completing the requirements for another work

– It’s what I’m preparing for – with all the studying I’m doing and with all the renewing of license (both PTR and PRC licenses).  I have the long list with me and I don’t really know where I should start.   Thinking about it stresses me out.

6.  Grocery shopping.

– Our cook is going away for her vacation (and I’m not sure if she’s coming back).  And so, I need to have something to make me sandwiches everyday.  I don’t know how to cook.  And I wouldn’t really like to wake up earlier than 3:45am just to cook my brunch.   And I’m thinking sandwiches are my best bet for a hearty brunch.

7. Finalize the itinerary.

I’m surfing the net ( http://www.visitseoul.net ) in order to maximize our short trip to Seoul.  I plan to tour the place using the subways.  And there’s so many of them.  I think I need a print out of the web pages I have been surfing.  Sigh!

8. Remind my father that he needs to have a check-up.

– He has the flu.  And since, he’s not really that young anymore, I think he needs to visit the doctor.

I know I have forgotten something.  I should have written them down last night.


One Response to “Tasks For The Day”

  1. i want to visit Seoul too… =) someday!

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