At Work Right Now

I’m currently working right now.  Well, not anymore.  I just finished all my evaluation for my last client.  I have extra time right now.  I’m supposed to read the book I brought with me. But instead, I’m surfing the net.

They allow a limited number of websites here at work.  I think most companies have blocked Facebook from their internet connection.  And they don’t have Google.  That means I can’t access my blogs in Blogger.Com.

That’s okay.  I can always have WordPress anytime.

So I’m back writing in On A Daily Basis.

And I think I’m going to do this Monday to Friday.  Meanwhile, I can only post in Blogger.Com during the weekends whenever I have free time at home.

I came across this blogpost today:

It was so heart-warming.  I was teary-eyed.  I know the hardships of being a parent these days.  I even cry myself sometimes when I think about the things I couldn’t buy for my own kid.  And the daddy-rapper hit the spot.

It didn’t just tug at my heart.  It even broke it to pieces causing me to tear up at work.  Thank you for DJ Chico for sharing this podcast on his blog.


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