Underarm care at Facial Care

I visited Facial Care Quezon Ave. branch after almost year.  I still have remaining underarm treatments and almost forgot about it until two weeks ago when I was about to shave my underarm hair growth. (Ewe ba?!)

I have laser hair removal sessions and underarm whitening treatments that I stopped once I got pregnant last year.  Prior to my pregnancy, they have warned me that the procedure is contraindicated to pregnant women.  I have shrugged off that warning  a year ago not knowing that it is one piece of information I had to remember. 

The underarm whitening treatments were always a breeze.  I have to say otherwise about the laser hair removal procedure though because it reminds me of being in a dental chair.  There is no way to avoid the pain. 

While waiting for  the therapist(??) to get her supplies. I took self-portraits thru the mirror cabinets.

They apply a number of mixtures on your skin and then scrape it off to apply another one.  And then they leave the most sweet-smelling mixture for 30 to 40 minutes before wiping it off again.

I have “before treatment” pictures of my underarm but I wouldn’t want to subject my readers to more agony than they should.  I plan to compare the after treatment results at the end of all procedures.


2 Responses to “Underarm care at Facial Care”

  1. Visiting via GT! Hope to see you on my blogs, too. haven’t tried any underarm treatment, procedures, etc. I wish to try LHR though. 🙂

  2. i remember when i had my first underarm treatment for whitening. sabi sa akin, take off your top. damn! i took all of them, pati bra! naloka yung nag aassist! haha!

    thats nice! bringing back the pretty after pregnancy!

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