Skeptics, brace yourself.

We left this morning for a roadtrip to Bulacan.  We were invited to make a visit to a known “Magtatawas” or “Hilot” (local healer) in barangay Pulong Buhangin.  The purpose of which is to “heal” any binat that I have (if I have any) from giving birth. 

Before I agreed to this trip, I keep asking why do I need to go out of town for something I don’t really believe in.  I believe in logical explanations and procedures and this one isn’t offering me any.

I agreed for the sake of complying to my mother’s (and my cousin’s) insistence.  Also, I could use a time out from my kid.  (Sorry Via but you are just getting heavier and heavier and my back needs a break.)

So off to the winding and rocky road to the home of this Magtatawas.  We got there around 11am.  We were next in line of the Magtatawas’ visitors of the day.

The place was very provincial and it was a drastic change the city two hours away. 

At the end of the hut was an altar making the whole place a very rustic humble chapel-like framework. 

The Magtatawas was sitting on a bench.  I thought the lady magtatawas was one of the guests.  She was sitting beside a round tin basin of water and was wondering what it was for until she began her short ritual.

She summoned me to sit beside her.  She was looking at me intently when I did which made me uncomfortable.  By the way, her eyes were a nice shade of caramel brown.  Then somebody handed her an itak or a machete.  I was only alarmed when I realized it was scalding hot when it was used to melt the candle sticks we brought with us.  The melted wax dripped unto the water basin.  And thus the wax solidifies and forms in varied shapes.

She did that three times and formed the three above.  From the solidified wax, she told me things she could have known only if she asked me herself.  I am not a believer of such practices.  The only problem was she was somehow really capable of what she says she could do. 

She told me I was about to get married to another person when I met the father of my kid among other things.  She said that I truly love the person that I am with right now.  The problem was she saw from those three that I was going to be the primary bread winner in the family if we are to pursue building our family together.  Well, it wasn’t a problem for me but it was to those who heard her say it.  They were totally against me marrying someone who can’t provide as well as my parents could.  (Truth is, I don’t know if I could provide my child the same way my parents provided for us… so patas lang LOL!)

I don’t know what the problem was with women being the primary bread winner of the family because she earns more than her husband.  I don’t get it.  What’s bad is if the husband just lies around the house rather than doing his best to earn for the family.  This is not the old times when the wife stays at home, relaxes or does the housework while the men works day in and out in order to put food on the table. 

What I didn’t like about the visit was when she told me that I should split up with the father of my Via because I could find someone better.  I know she meant well but her reasons were not enough to break some people apart. 

Another thing is that people around me kept saying that Via doesn’t need to have a complete family.  They said that I was enough for my baby.  What they don’t understand is this:  I prefer to provide my child a complete and happy family because that was how I was raised up.  I don’t think we would be this happy if my father was missing. 

(I slightly veered away from the topic already.) 

It’s always a wonder how some special people can read you with or without a medium like the Magtatawas.  I’m curious how they do that.  It’s like a super human ability if not super power to actually read into someone else’s life without actually being there.  There are so many people around who claims that they can (in exchange for money) and there are only few who can actually do so.

The Magtatawas we encountered does not leave her home.  She does not advertise her work.  It was by word of mouth that people have come to know that she exist.  She sits there on the bench waiting all day and people just come and ask her to do what she does best.


7 Responses to ““Magtatawas””

  1. what does the 3 candle wax shape means? di ba yan parang yung “usog”? based on your kwento, it feels like the mangtatawas is actually a manghuhula eh. kala ko they’re suppose to cure yung mga bati or usog.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      the three wax showed (daw) my past present (health) and future. I’m not really sure how they work. Pero I’m sure hindi ako nabati or nausog. I don’t even know why relatives want me to go there in the first place.

  2. I don’t know if I’m just too suspicious about this but what the magtatawas said is probably the reason why your relatives pushed you to go there. Maybe because of her “occupation”, you might believe her and be persuaded?

    No offense meant ha, I just thought of it that way. 🙂 I can be totally wrong too.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      No offense taken sis. I’m a skeptic myself. I told Via’s papa about this and he laughed and at the same time scolded me why I have to go and consult this person when I’m supposed to be a Christian who is supposed to consider this the dark side.

      That also crossed my mind sis. THat relatives probably connived with the Magtatawas in order to tell me what they thought themselves.

      Haay! There’s so many people who would like to meddle with my life right now. Everyone seems to know best except me and via’s papa. Very exhausting talaga.

      • You have so many interesting stories 🙂 So ang magtatawas pala ay nagiging manghuhula din. Kinda agree with Madz, baka your relatives had a hand in what the mangtatawas told you about your future.

  3. Paano nasabong nabinat ka sis? Sa akin din kasi, sinasabihan nila ako na may binat raw ako and I have to go to a manghihilot. I had a massage thinking it was enough, pero gusto nila sa manghihilot daw talaga. Madali lang ba puntahan yan sa Bulacan and how do I contact her?

    • hangingbridge Says:

      naku sis, di ko lam number and hindi ko memorise panu pumunta dun. Siya talaga ang dinadayo. I’ll get back to you once malaman ko number. 🙂 Pero sis, I don’t really recommend hilots eh heheh! kasi baka mapasama pa

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