Planner 2011

The name of the game is “Stick To The Plan”.

I had to have some direction if I wanted this year to be a little better than last year.  First step I took is to buy a planner to get myself organized. 

I got this for less than a hundred pesos in SM Cubao (Stationery Department) and it’s in my favorite shade of blue.  Oh what luck! 

It’s more of a weekly planner.  I have to place the dates myself.  On one side, I can write notes like expenses, task list of the week and other game plans I have in mind.


6 Responses to “Planner 2011”

  1. I like that shade of blue. and your planner is not as complicated as mine *lol* should be easier to use… I’m actually thinking if I should just replace my planner with another one.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      I really wanted to get the Stephen Covey planner like what I had last year… but I didn’t have the budget for it this year, I have to settle for something as useful but not as expensive. Besides, I already learned how they handled the task list and scheduling. I can just pattern from it 🙂

  2. Maybe I should buy a planner for myself. Maybe next week if I receive a good news that I’ve been praying for.

    How cute is that? The back cover reaches the front side 🙂

    • hangingbridge Says:

      Yup sis, I’ve seen a lot of planners like this one before. it’s just too bad they don’t put a slot for pens in it like the usual planners 🙂

  3. what i don’t like about these planners Lstarbucks, belle de jour, etc) is that they’re too bulky and heavy! sometimes I can’t bring them with me evetytime i would my small purses.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      I understand completely 🙂 sometimes, you just want to leave them at your desk than bringing them around (which is what you’re supposed to do with a planner). This one is just perfect because of its small size like that of a small notepad.

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