Shopping for a Wrist Watch

I’m going to start working soon… I hope.  And I badly need a watch.  And last Sunday I decided to get a watch instead of using my cellphone to check out the time.  We didn’t exactly do any shopping because we bought from the first watch stand we saw. 

I never had a watch with a white bracelet.  It has always been brown or black leather if not the stainless steel bracelets I usually get.  And so I got excited with this watch.  I prefer the ones with seconds hand because I also check on my pulse rate every now and then.  Unfortunately, the watch that I liked didn’t have the seconds hand in it.  We still bought the white one because the rest were just too expensive or didn’t suit me at all.   

At last, I got a wrist watch for everyday use.  Hope the battery lasts more than a year though.  I don’t want to spend for the watch anymore than I need to.


4 Responses to “Shopping for a Wrist Watch”

  1. Matagal ko na din gusto bumili ng white watch sis pero everytime na andyan na’ko sa store, iba ang nabibili ko lalo pa kung sale. Balak ko, bibili nalang ako ng white watch na mura lang one of these days. Hihi.

  2. I don’t have a white watch, just a green plaid watch from MNG and silver/pink from Esprit, yours look great sis! Mahirap rin kasi pag white yung strap, specially if kapitin ng dumi, if you get my drift 😛

    • hangingbridge Says:

      Oh sis, that was my concern too. The lady advised me to use a white eraser to rub on any dirt I see on the white leather strap. It will do the trick of cleaning it up 🙂

      • Ohh nice tip sis! Sige I will be on the lookout for an ideal white watch for me as well. It would be so convenient to use since it would blend in with most of my wardrobe 🙂

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