Promod Pieces

I’m in between sizes these days.  My clothes are either too small or too big.  I needed (hopefully) just a few pieces to get me through this post partum stage.  And then, (hoping against hope) that I’ll get back to my original size and be able to wear my old clothes.

We stopped by Promod (Megamall branch) last weekend and was able to grab two plaid shirts for me.  Tummy was still sticking out and obvious when I’m on showing my side view.  But on the front, it’s not that obvious.

I love Promod (and Iora) more than any other clothes store.  Too bad I don’t usually have the budget for it but if I’m going to splurge, I won’t have second thoughts splurging on their clothes.  I wish there was a local brand that sells clothes as great as theirs.


4 Responses to “Promod Pieces”

  1. I like the first shirt sis. I think, that will go well with shorts. Bagay sayo.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      thanks sis… kaya lang sa panaginip pa lang ako makapag shorts in public. I have humungous thighs kasi… siguro pag napaliit ko na sya teehee!

  2. Hehe agree w/ Mrs.K, I’ll go for the first top too. I keep on looking for that style sa Promod pala meron. Thanks!

    • hangingbridge Says:

      I think the taste for plaid prints are seasonal… usually I find them nice during colder seasons like right now. I find that weird though 🙂

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