Party at Home

My brother’s birthday was a few days ago.  And he decides to celebrate it tonight.  He invited his friends over and had a party at the lanai on the ground floor right below my bedroom. 

Earlier, I thought that it was going to be some kiddie party and that it was going to be finished early this evening.  The spaghetti they were serving the guests made me think that.  If I knew that they were also serving beer, I could have braced myself.

They sure are a rowdy bunch.  I forgot that my brother just turned 20 and not 2 years old.  How can I think that this is some kiddie party?  Well, it was the spaghetti that misled me to think it was. 

I lack sleep already and being rudely awaken by the happy cheering down below didn’t help at all.  I wanted to get mad but it was a birthday celebration.  (I’m sure the neighbors would like to do the same)

Mom told me earlier that they were all going to head to Eastwood eventually where they can continue to party.  So I called my brother on his cellphone and told him not to drive if he had something to drink.  There has already been so many accidents along Libis already and most of them ended tragically.  I don’t want it to happen to a family member of mine. 

Anyway, it’s now time for me to stand on my baby duty post so I don’t mind the noise at all anymore.  Although, my grandparents who are visiting and staying at the bedroom on the ground floor will surely mind.


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