Usually, reunion denotes a gathering of a significant number of people.  Sometimes, you get to meet people you don’t even know existed.  Reunion is to strengthen the connection among people that you may have lost for quite sometime. 

Today, we are so lucky because Via and I met her father after three weeks since we last saw him.  We had a brief reunion.  In our case, our reunion consisted of just three people.  On the contrary, we never did lose our connection with each other.  I always thought that in our set-up, our longing to be together gets a lot stronger with each day we were away. 

He stopped by my parents house.  My parents went out of town and my younger siblings were at work.  I know I’m too old for sneaking around but it’s the only way to avoid any confrontation. 

He was so happy to hold his Via again and I’m so happy that Via and I could hold him back.  I hate the drama but we couldn’t help but get teary-eyed.  We miss each other so much. 

Teehee!  Excuse my drama.  It’s just that I’m so happy about today.  Oh by the way, he said I seemed thinner daw and that he didn’t like it.  He didn’t like it and said I needed to fatten up again.  I retorted that I need to fit in my old clothes again or else he was going to have to buy me a whole new wardrobe.


2 Responses to “Reunion”

  1. happy for you sis! =)

  2. You made me teary-eyed when I read your post. Be strong for baby Via sis! Hugs!

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