Parada ng Lechon in Bacolod

So I’m watching the news right now and they’re going to feature the parade of roasted pig in Bacolod any minute now. 

Somehow, the saying “don’t play with your food” comes to mind when I saw what they did to the poor pigs, slaughtered cooked and now dressed ludricously. 

I somehow find the practice in poor taste.  Isn’t this a form of cruelty to animals?  I am now  not a vegan and I eat pork most of the time.  But I don’t find any reason for me to further aggravate their species by parading them all dead and looking ridiculous.  While for our species, we even give a ceremony for the dead and give the utmost respect before they permanently leave.

In Balayan Batangas, there is also a similar parade that started in 1940’s as a form of thanksgiving.  Even if it is for a good intention why these practices are done in my country, I don’t see any appropriateness of dressing them up. 

I love lechon but having to display the severed head of a roasted suckling pig on the table is very distasteful in my opinion.  Just thinking of its morbidity is very disturbing to me.


One Response to “Parada ng Lechon in Bacolod”

  1. havent see a parade of lechon in person, only on tv.

    haha! well, its a long time pinoy tradition. yes! i find it weird that some dressed their lechon like a basketball player and a shades!

    i saw that once on tv too!

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