Unstoppable: Movie Review

From beginning to end, this movie has placed me at the edge of my seat.  Reminds me of “The Taking of Pelham 168” movie but this one is more exciting probably because Denzel Washington is on the “wheel”. 

What would you do to stop a runaway train going over 70 miles per hour and it’s cargo contains chemicals enough to blow up and destroy everything in its radius of over a mile?

Two men, played by Chris Pine and Denzel Washington, were conducting train 1206 and was unknowingly going to go head to head with the runaway train 777.  They derailed 1206 just in time to miss 777 by inches.  They ended up alive and well until they both decided to do something about the runaway train.  The two men  tried to slow it down from behind unlike the previous attempts of stopping it from up front. They suceeded in not toppling the train over through alternate full throtle when they encountered the sharp curve in Pennsylvania.  However, 1206 lost its breaks.  Only an attempt to put a man up in the controls in the front made the runaway train stop.

What is not to love about a movie like this?  It makes the viewers gape at the movie screen watchful and waiting for the next event that will take place.  The movie is so good, it glued me to my seat.  No one would want to miss a scene since it is so fast-paced and each scene is critical to the story itself.

They could not have casted better actors than Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.  Both actors have starred in acclaimed movies in the past and Unstoppable is another one of them. 

I’ve always liked Denzel Washington in his movies.  He has always been the guy with all the right answers. 

What about Chris Pine?  He already has proven himself with all his other movies.  Besides being the most handsome white man I know (teehee!), I don’t recall not enjoying any of his movies before.  The cute Star Trek hero takes the reigns again in this movie.

Note to self:  Chris Pine’s features will make a much better vampire than what’s-his-name in Twilight Saga.


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