Jollibee Dinner

I have been craving for Jollibee Yum With TLC for two straight days.  And tonight, I have gotten my wish after calling Jollibee delivery.  I got even more than what I wanted.  I was able to have fries, pineapple juice and spaghetti too.  We all know how these taste like.  But to someone who has been deprived somehow of burgers for a while now, this tray is the most satisfying of all. 

I have been in my soup diet for more than a month with occasional solid foods in between.  But for the past two days, I have been craving salty junk food and fast food.  I have already eaten my first instant cup noodles since early last year. 

I introduced Jollibee Yum With TLC to my boyfriend early last year and after that, he frequents the nearby Jollibee branch to buy it.  Too bad, I was on a diet for a long time now so I couldn’t get a hold of one.  Kudos to my talent to restrain myself from something within reach. 

This tray will last me for the next month or so before I buy myself another set of these.


5 Responses to “Jollibee Dinner”

  1. i love TLC too. i admire your discipline about the diet. =)

  2. I just ate TLC burger last Thursday. Favorite ko ang spaghetti ng Jollibee. I’ll be on a diet this year. I gained a lot of weight last year and I envy you for being strict to your diet. Ang sarap kasing kumain. LOL

  3. Jollibee is love! I also go for their TLC and fries. BF and I used to always go for pineapple juice until he had kidney stones because of it.

    I also love their chicken joy (crispy and juicy please, depends on the branch!) and spaghetti. Kahit yung 2 lang na yun masaya na ako.

    You have a lot of self control sis, can I borrow some of that? 😛

  4. Whoa this post makes me crave for fries right now. And Jollibee’s crispy, super yummy spicy chicken.


  5. Wow, Jollibee Spaghetti!!! fave ko yan plus un peach mango pie nila. parang gusto ko tuloy kumain sa Jollibee.

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