New Year’s Eve Celebration 2011

Would you believe I didn’t saw any fireworks during New Year’s Eve?  But I heard a lot of them, loud and clear.  I spent the whole time inside the house while everyone had the chance to enjoy the smoke-filled air and grand pyrotechnic display in the night sky. 

Mommy, Momma, Via and Kuya Gab 🙂

Mommy called us to go downstairs quarter to midnight.  Via was sleeping the whole time.  And Gabino was running around the house and making a lot of noise of his own. 

My brother is missing in action... kasi nangangapitbahay.


My Via and Me - photo-op with the Christmas Tree

Almost all lights and the radio were switched on in order to scare the bad spirits away the whole year – if you believe any of that.

Taste test

I was waiting for midnight before eating dinner trying to build up my appetite.  Unfortunately, nothing appealed to me so I wasn’t able to eat besides the paella.

So madilaw... and look at the belly of the beast ahaha!

My goodness parang may jaundice kami ni Via.  Must be the lighting in the living room.

Gabino's scared of the fireworks

They all went up in the balcony to look at the fireworks at midnight.  Fifteen minutes after, Gabino went running down the stairs.  He was scared of the booming sounds of the fireworks.  Too bad.  I thought this was the time when he could really enjoy the fireworks display.

Mommy Daddy Tita Che and Gab


I'm wearing my bf's shirt he gave me last Christmas

Happy New Year Everyone. 
2011 better make up for 2010!

9 Responses to “New Year’s Eve Celebration 2011”

  1. Ang ganda naman bahay niyo sis. Magkamukha kayo ng mommy mo. Para lang kayong magkapatid.

    Anyways, Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. i’d love to have a picture beside your christmas tree! haha! ang ganda lang! =) happy new year sis!

    • hangingbridge Says:

      Thank you sis. Mahilig rin ako sa Christmas decorations 🙂 Was thinking na this year, picturan ko lahat ng Christmas tree na makita ko all over the metro. Ganda siguro i-blog yun 🙂

  3. You mom’s house is very nice. Lots of space and looking comfy. Awww.. happy new year to you and Via! 😀

  4. Very cozy and beautiful house sis! Ang bait naman ni baby Via, tulog lang that night. 🙂

    Picture of the paella please? 😛

    • hangingbridge Says:

      yup sis. Behave nga si Via that night kasi mas tahimik sa baba. Sa room sa taas, nagugulat din siya sa sound nung fireworks.

      I wasn’t able to take a picture of the paella. I forgot about taking pictures of food ehehe!

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