Keeping My Word

Okay here’s the thing.  Three weeks ago, when baby Via’s surname was still up for discussion, my mom and I agreed to three things.  One, my daughter will still have my surname since her father and I are still not yet married and because my side keep insisting that it should be so.  Two, that Via’s father will still have the right to provide for her and see her and act as her father.  Three, that we will be spending Christmas eve at OUR home and not in my parents’ home.  I agreed to the first and my mother agreed to the latter two. 

Here we were (my boyfriend and I), planning for our Christmas eve with our daughter when all along, my mother wasn’t planning to hold up her end of the bargain.  She just told the nurse this morning that someone still has to go on duty on the 24th.  I told her that we weren’t going to be here on the 24th because Via and I were leaving that day. 

The argument was short-lived.  Apparently, my mother along with my dad and sister were talking about it during breakfast awhile ago.  And the maid heard them talking.  According to the maid, it seems that my dad has given his go-signal.  (Thank you Lord for my father!) 

And so, the plan is under way.  I’m going to spend my first Christmas eve with my own family.

On the other hand, I’d really hate for my parents to think that I’m very ungrateful for all the help they have provided us.  I wanted to spend Christmas with the whole family but “whole family” to me now means it includes the father of my Via.  And my parents are going to blow their top off if  Via’s father goes as much as outside of our gates.  This is the only compromise I can think of in order to give in to everyone –  I’m not going to invite the Via’s father over for Christmas in order to respect my parents wishes; instead, Via and I are going to her father in our own home. 

So, hopefully, everyone will be happy. 

I sent a message to my mother yesterday saying “Sana sa 24 and 25, ceasefire muna”.  I hope she complies.  🙂


4 Responses to “Keeping My Word”

  1. Even though your parents are not into your bf, I just hope this Christmas you’ll be happy with your new family.

    thanks for dropping by on my blog.

  2. i wish you a happy christmas sis =) everything will be ok eventually.. just keep your faith.. your baby is soo cute by the way =)

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