Bringing Joy At Home

I have been away from home for the past 6 months (starting June 2010).  I have been in four different homes, 2 abroad and 2 here in the country.  All because I was pregnant.  Unwanted pregnancy for others, planned pregnancy for me.  I haven’t been in my own room until 2 weeks ago when I brought my baby home.  I thought I wasn’t going back in this place anymore.  Everyone failed to keep me at a distance because of my mom who wanted me back.  You may sense that there’s a lot of drama going on.  You sense it right. 
I recall that I felt odd of going back inside the house, more so my room.  I knew I wasn’t welcome with the rest of the house and the people in it.  When I step back in my room, I felt that I’m stepping into a guest room.  Everything was familiar but I felt that I don’t own anything in it.  Like it wasn’t my place anymore. 
Sheeesh!  Excuse my drama. 
The worse thing about staying in this house is that I felt really bad about my baby being ignored by the rest of my family.  I don’t mind being ignored because I’m used to it.  But it’s a different thing when my baby is involved.  I can’t help but compare when my nephew was brought home for the first time.  Everyone was doting on him including his favorite aunt (which is me).  And then here’s Via who has no visitors. 

Me and Via in my old room


I have to thank my mother.  She is the one who’s matyaga to visit us every now and then.   I know it’s no fun for everyone that I’m back home bringing my baby without a husband (because they wouldn’t allow the father to come visit).  I just have to understand where they are all coming from. 

(I realize now that the title is a little bit inappropriate with the content)

Few days ago, Via had to be brought to my sister’s room where there is a lot of morning sunlight (which she needs badly because there’s not so much in my own room).  When Via came back, the nanny had so many toys in her hand.  She told me that my sister took out my nephew’s old infant toys out of the cabinet to lend it to my Via.   I was really happy for what she did.  It may mean nothing for her but it meant a lot to me.

Mommy with my baby Via at 7 in the morning

I’m not allowing myself to settle in this house though.  Once I get back on my feet, I’m going back to our (my and my bf’s) apartment.  And I can’t wait for Christmas because that’s where we are going to spend it.  Mommy told me it’s up to me where I want to spend Christmas.  I just hope she didn’t have her selective amnesia mode on.  She tends to do that, believe me. 

I just hope everyone is going to be happy about it though.  I don’t want to irate anyone on Christmas day. 

I love my mother.  And I’m very thankful for all the help she’s providing me.  But I’m also cautious in taking help from her because it’s going to blow up in my face when the time comes that I would do what I want instead of what she wants. 

Off to The Doctor's Office


8 Responses to “Bringing Joy At Home”

  1. Ohhh.. I am touched by your story sis. I feel bad for you and your baby being ignored by your own family. Anyway, God loves you and your daughter. You must remain strong for her. Via looks like an adorable little angel. Be careful of her and be proud even others chastise you. Lots of love! Muah.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      You’re right sis, I need to be strong for my baby. Sabi nga ng doctor, since I am now a mommy, I need to have some balls daw heheh!

  2. Clearly there is tension. But I’m glad you’re taking it in a stride. Right now, being with your baby is what’s important. 🙂 She’s such a cutie!

    • hangingbridge Says:

      Yep, naka focus muna kay baby. I have a sudden change in my goals in life… and all of them involves Via. thanks sis!

  3. Anne, sabi nga nila, yung mga lola and the rest of the family, lumalambot ang puso pag apo na yung pinag-uusapan. Who knows, Via will be the angel that will bridge the gap between you and your bf and your family. I dunno the whole story but I wish your new family the best. =)

  4. I think your family is just adjusting. They’ll warm up to you and your baby soon. Once that happens, have boyfriend visit you there. With “padulas” for everybody, of course. How can they send away your boyfriend with isang bilaong palabok in hand? Gusto lang nilang malambing because I think that part was skipped in the process. Your boyfriend can’t stay away from your family for too long or your family will think that he doesn’t care. Unless you want it that way. They will probably ignore you at first but just take it positively. It’s just a test. Pretty soon your boyfriend will be welcomed open arms! Good luck!

    • hangingbridge Says:

      Hope that works sis. He’s trying his very best naman. He keeps sending me food and has sent supplies for baby. Kaya lang my parents don’t find it okay that anything coming from him has gone over their bakod. Now, mom is always asking me if I or Via need anything else… giving me nor bf any excuse to provide for the baby.

      Really hope they will come to accept that he’s the father of my baby… We (bf and I) are really not expecting that he will be welcomed to the family. Grabe no? Sana my family decides anything against him only after he has shown anything bad about him. Pero they have not given him a chance… Heck they haven’t given US a chance at all.

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