Baby, While You Were Asleep

I have resorted to writing post via mobile hoping that I’m making minimal noise in order that I won’t wake my sleeping baby Via.

Baby is waking up every two hours for milk. I’m giving her formula milk right now. So sad. I don’t think she’s getting satisfaction with my milk because I have so little. (let me discuss my breastfeeding attempts in another post).

I’m getting all the help I can get. Yaya during the day and a nurse from Medical City at night. The nurse will be available until baby’s first month is over. Hopefully by that time, I’m okay to do all the stuff I need to do for my baby.

Even if there are nurses every night, I still lack sleep because I still have to check my baby. I can’t sleep if Via is not yet sleeping. And I have to wake up to see if she’s not having apneic spells. I just have to make sure she’s breathing fine.

I’m taking pictures of her mostly when she’s asleep. I could not do it when she’s awake because, during the day, I’m holding her instead of the camera. Also, she looks better when her face looks calm instead of when she’s awake and hungry and crying and so frustrated at her momma.

I try playing her Baby Einstein music hoping that she’ll grow up to be smart. I truly hope her EQ is much higher than mine. Well, getting her IQ high is also a big plus.

I’m still deciding who she looks like and so is everyone else. Her body parts are now labeled as mine, my mother’s or my father’s. Secretly, I think her skin tone is her father’s. I hope she grows up to be a pretty morena.

I’m also trying to read Harry Potter aloud but softly while she’s sleeping. I’m trying to use British accent like that in the movie. Har har! Just wanted to make myself laugh in the process.


8 Responses to “Baby, While You Were Asleep”

  1. OMG sis! namganak ka na pala! i’ve been away for too long, i havent been blogging since i’m having difficulties with my pregnancy, with the afternoon sickness, and all. your baby looks healthy btw! post more kwentos if you can. and eat malunggay leaves daw para you’ll have plenty of milk! take care! =)

    • hangingbridge Says:

      thanks for the tip sis. I’m trying to eat a lot of malunggay soup right now. Kahit araw ara, di ako nag sasawa 🙂

      hope you get over that phase of pregnancy soon. Parang di ko na nga maalala ang feeling na malaki ang tummy. I don’t think I want to be pregnant all over again. First and last na si Via.

  2. Ohh.. you are a sweet mom sis. Your baby must be lucky. Hope to meet you in a mommy blogger event one day. Hihi.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      Hope so too sis. Once everything is settled, I’m surely going to look for mom activities. I’m going to bore everyone about my baby 🙂

  3. congratulations sis! gosh inggit ako. gusto ko narin magkababy 😀

    • hangingbridge Says:

      sis, next ka na 🙂 heheh! pero sis, I’m anticipating hardships in the near future pa rin. Parenthood daw is never easy. Hope I’ll do just fine.

  4. Congrats on your baby sis! Via is so pretty, can’t wait to see my little princess naman. Naiinip na ako, I’m 37 weeks now, ilang weeks ka bago nanganak?

    • hangingbridge Says:

      sis, almost term ka na 🙂 my gosh, one week na lang, may angel ka na rin! 38 weeks na si Via when she came out.

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