C-Section Experience

It’s already Day 13 post CS. 

I have been moving around cautiously around my room thinking that sutures in my CS wound might dehisce.  It won’t stop me from carrying my baby every now and then, though.  Before discussing how I feel as a new mom (which I’m planning to write in another blog post), I have to recollect my memory of the major operation I have underwent almost 2 weeks ago.  Unfortunately, I have little memory of the actual operation (thank God for anesthesia).  But I was fortunate enough that my camera have been handed to a shutterbug anesthesiologist who stored a lot of priceless (although morbid) pictures of me on the cutting table at OR1 at Medical City OB department. 

Although I have assisted countless C-sections years ago, it is quite different when I was the one on the table.  I brought with me the Perpetual Help novena booklet of my mother with me that the orderly at the OR taped on my left hand (because I was getting really groggy with the drugs they injected me) afraid that it would fall on the floor. 

After taking a bath, I was prepped in room 511 at 4 in the morning.  And I was picked up at 6am.  I wasn’t probably anxious about the procedure because I was able to sleep in between.  On the way to the OR, I began to weep out of anxiety.  The matter at hand suddenly overwhelmed me. 

When I was in the OR table, I started trembling but I was not really feeling cold.  I blamed it on the meds they have given me.  I only stopped when the anesthesiologist administered the spinal anesthesia (which, in my opinion, was the most painful thing I felt during the procedure). 

Without my knowledge, the procedure took place. 

Baby Out at 7:56am

Suction please... in baby's mouth and the bloody operative site

More "first" baby pics

My OB attending to the wound site 🙂


I woke up upon hearing my baby cry.  I was still on the table and drapes were covering my sight from the rest of my body.  They brought my baby to me swaddled in cloth and still with vernix caseosa all over her face.  I was so groggy but I managed to look at her and smile.  I tried to sniff her.  Yes, sniff her.  Motherly instinct? Probably.  Heheh!  And then they took her away… to the nursery to wash her up.

APGAR Score 9/9... Way to go, Via!

My first look at my baby girl

I felt my right leg was moving on its own.  I heard a voice in the room telling the anesthesiologist that my right leg was falling off the bed.  And then I was knocked out again.

I woke up when they were transferring me to another trolley bed for transfer to the recovery room.  And that was it.

My friend Missy, took this pic in the nursery after Via took her first bath.


10 Responses to “C-Section Experience”

  1. Wow! congratulations sis! What a wonderful blessing! I keep looking at your photos and they are not one bit gross or morbid to me, it’s really inspiring to look at. Your daughter’s name is Via, is that short for anything? 🙂

    • hangingbridge Says:

      thanks sis 🙂 these are the least “morbid” stuff. Other pics were really so detailed that I feel pain in my CS wound when I look at the pics… heheh! na-somatisize ko lang yung nakikita ko. 😀 Supposed to be Olivia Faith niya… Dami kumontra sa Olivia… kaya Via Faith na lang siya. Tawag ko sa kanya: Via-ia (biyaya) heheh!

  2. Your daughter is looking healthy and strong. Congratulations sis! Hey, pareho tayo.. CS din ako noon. Pagaling ka at good luck being a first time mom! 😀

    • hangingbridge Says:

      I need all the help I could get. Medyo natatakot talaga ako sa wound. Sobrang alaga ko yung sugat… mapapagalitan ako ni dra nito heheh! Hopefully, madali gumaling ung CS in and out.

  3. Congratulations for a lovely baby girl! The “shutterbug anesthesiologist” takes good photos. These are wonderful shots. And truly memorable, if I may add.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      thanks sis 🙂 I haven’t thanked the doctor photographer yet. It’s probably the anesthesia resident. He probably thought it would be a nice surprise for me to scan my camera and see these pics 😀

  4. Congratulations! 🙂

  5. Congrats! your baby girl is like an angel.. so cute and innocent to look at. 🙂

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