Room 511

I’m currently spending my first night here in room 511 Medical City OB floor.  After my last doctor’s visit this morning, I was advised that I move the scheduled CS at a sooner date and that would be tomorrow because I’m already in beginning labor and the doctor would not want to wait anymore.  My baby is in breech presentation and the doctor would not want to risk having me in labor. 

So tomorrow, I’m off to the cutting table.  I have already eaten my last real meal for the day.  I chose Kare Kare (without the bagoong) and rice thinking that I would be set off to soft diet for several days after the operation. 

I’m enjoying the peace and quiet right now.  Everyone has left already.  Mommy’s friends came to pray over me.  After which, they went on talking about showbiz, Pacquiao, shopping and their upcoming trip which does not include me. 

I’m about to go to bed to prepare myself for tomorrow morning.  I took a bite of the caramel cake in the fridge before I go to sleep thinking that it may be my last bite.  Scary thought indeed.

Hopefully, on my next post, I’m going to post about me and my baby at last.


4 Responses to “Room 511”

  1. God bless you sis! I just said a short prayer for you and your baby’s safety, during and after giving birth. Take care, and I hope to read your next post about your precious baby, and the whole experience of giving birth. 🙂

    • hangingbridge Says:

      your prayer worked sis. We are both doing okay right now. Isang girl na lang, powerpuff girls na kami 🙂 I was so happy to hear her cry 🙂

  2. God bless, sis. I’m sure you’re excited to see your little bundle of joy. 🙂

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