Gab at Age 2

My nephew has been attending playschool nearby.  He has been learning a lot of things.  I’m already amazed that he could already spell his name and read some 3-letter word.  He can even spell the word “green”.  He can even count to twenty already.  I’m not sure if it’s the i-Touch educational programs installed by his momma that he keeps playing over and over again.  I’m so proud of him like he was my own. 

Here are some of the projects he brought home:

He "prepared" himself a small bowl of spaghetti at school.


I ruined his witch cupcake 😦 I'm sorry Gab!

He brought home this cupcake where in there’s a green icing making up a witch’s face, a flat cookie and hershey’s kisses made up it’s hat.  Gab, according to the note, assembled the face and the hat over the already-baked cup of chocolate cake.  I asked his mom if I could eat some.  And before I knew it, I ruined the whole thing before remembering that I’m supposed to take a picture of it yet.  Therefore, this ruined cup of cake was the only thing left.  It was a cute project, take my word for it. 

If Gabino doesn't stop bringing home this goodies from school, you would think he enrolled in a cooking school.


Halloween decorated paper bag


Now, that looks like the work of a two year old.  🙂


2 Responses to “Gab at Age 2”

  1. That’s super nice for a two-year old. =)

    • hangingbridge Says:

      At home, he learns via iTouch educational programs… I think it’s working because he can spell and write his name in his magnetic board. If I wasn’t busy with my own kid right now, I’d read him a book everyday 🙂

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