Mommy Visits Me

Yesterday, my cousin/pregnant-woman-sitter had to go and stay out for the night to spend time with her family. I was left alone with the housemaid. My mother later that day, sent me a message that she will be spending the night here. I thought she was joining me for dinner so I asked the maid to cook for one more person.

We prepared mushroom and potato soup using Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom. The maid wanted to cook adobong pusit but I said, let’s cut the squid into rings and deep fry it with Crispy Fry so that we can enjoy some calamari for dinner.

My mom came in late. The maid and I were already hungry since we are used to eat dinner early. So, we had to eat ahead of my mom.

When my mom came, she told me she already ate and was really sleepy. She came during her bedtime. So she went ahead upstairs.

I told Dina, the maid to cook ham for breakfast and make sinangag rice using the left over pork adobo spiced with star anise.

I went up to join my mom in bed. She was already sleeping. I was awaken when she was placing a blanket over me which I had to remove up to my waist because I don’t want to sweat.

This morning, she scolded me why I wasn’t putting socks and pajamas when it was really cold in the room. I promised that I would do that tonight.

She got down for breakfast and I followed even if I haven’t taken a bath yet. (I take baths before I go down so that I could refrain from going up and down the stairs during the day.)

At last, my mom and I shared a meal. We enjoyed the ham and the sinangag today. She left after breakfast because she and my daddy had to go to church.

So now I’m left alone again to myself.


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