Our Day Out

This is Us 🙂


After more than a month not seeing each other and just talking on the phone, we finally had our schedules fixed in order to meet up.  We are currently living under different roofs.  He was left to stay in our apartment while I am staying at my parents’ empty home near the hospital.  Unfortunately, my parents have this ridiculous rule that the father of my baby can’t visit me while I’m staying here . 

We had to make the few hours that we are together very special.  We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary but holding each others’ hands really made our day.  Also, there was no chance for us to do our usual playful banter at all. 

We took advantage of the Home World  sale in Megamall that day and was able to buy a couple of baby stuff and a sofa for our home.  We were so happy with our purchase.  Each time we do a home improvement, I feel that we’re really building a good life for us although very slow.

Beef wanton noodle soup


We haven’t tried Luk Yuen and we both wanted chinese food for lunch so when we passed by the restaurant, I pulled him towards it.  He fed me beef wanton noodle soup which I have been craving for such a long time already.  I finished one whole bowl which I thought I wouldn’t be able to do.  Since I can’t bend my trunk towards the table to eat, I had to bring the bowl towards me.  And when it was halfway done, I carried the bowl toward my face already which made it look like I’m using my big tummy as my personal table. 

Prawn Dimsum Rice Topping 🙂 to share with my BF

We had one order of this just in case we finish our two bowls of noodle soup and are still craving for more.  We had the rice split in two bowls so it would be easier for us to eat.  This one was tasty, both the rice and the dimsum.  But the only thing my bf took note was the dimsum sauce which for me, was just the common chili sauce we buy at the supermarket. 

I felt happy about that day as I get in the car to go back to my parents house.  He called me to tell me he felt the same way.  Before that blessed day, I was afraid that we might not be missing each other that much.  But during the day, I felt that nothing has changed.  We still both need each other’s company. 

Note:  I have to apologize for the mushiness of this post because I myself don’t like getting mushed up. 


2 Responses to “Our Day Out”

  1. That’s sweet – slowly building your life towards the day when you and hubby finally get together. Sorry, I had a lot of catching up to do with your blog. But certainly, yours is a nice read. I’ll be following your posts.

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