A Scary Cat Visit in Tagaytay

I spent the Halloween weekend with the whole family in Tagaytay.  I was having second thoughts in joining everyone for the weekend since I don’t think I’m fit to travel anymore.  I was holding on to the car’s handle bars and tried to lift myself every time we encounter a bump.  My eye was on the road everytime so that I could see if there was a road bump ahead. 

Good thing, we had a smooth road trip.  I was riding in the car with my parents while the househelp had the van for themselves.  I wouldn’t want to join them because one of them was bracing herself for getting nauseous and barfing anytime during the ride as she told me herself.  Heheh! 

That night, I get to sleep with my mother in the room in the first floor while my dad slept alone in the second floor bedroom.  At 2 in the morning, I was awaken by a cat that came from the dining area which was just outside the bedroom door.  I was wondering how a cat could get in because all the doors and windows were all closed and we couldn’t have locked the cat inside because I have NEVER seen a cat anywhere near the house ever since the house was built. 

The meowing was followed by a loud ruckus from Ate Sally, calling to the houseboy noisily on the intercom.  After a few minutes, they were both shooing the cat away from the house. 

I was thinking that they, especially ate Sally, must hate cats.  And I was very thankful since I could get back to sleep.

In the morning, they told me that everyone was thinking the same thing except for me. They all thought the cat was a supernatural being that visited the home because a pregnant woman was in the house.  They all believed that whatever is in the cat was after my baby.  

I was kidding about it for awhile saying that the aswang had to probably form itself as a worm to get inside through the closed door and shaped itself to a cat in order to make that ruckus.  But after awhile, I was checking up on the movements of my baby.  I wanted to make sure that she’s doing okay down there after the cat scare. 

It seems my baby girl is doing okay and moving a lot.  As I write this post right now, she’s kicking my insides a bit too hard.  I think her leg is bumping as far as my ribs.  It gets a bit scary as it is hurtful sometimes.


3 Responses to “A Scary Cat Visit in Tagaytay”

  1. I got a bit scared pero don’t think about it that much sis, pray for you and your baby’s safety. Sometimes it’s all in our mind, just think pretty pink and happy blue thoughts para di ka na sipain ng malakas ni baby. 🙂

    • hangingbridge Says:

      sometimes, I think baka galit si baby sa kin (seriously) 😦 ay naku, naloloka na yata ako 🙂 pero still can’t wait to hug her in my arms soon.

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