Lay Bare: My First Visit


NOTE: I don’t want to gross anyone out but I feel I need to discuss something as natural as keratin outgrowths of our bodies. 

Waxing has been a known method of hair removal for years.  I had my first hand experience with this method two weeks ago and have discovered the most painful female practices there is in this side of the planet.

You may ask what is a pregnant woman doing in a waxing salon – especially someone who’s on her way in a couple of weeks. 

Of all the God-given parts of the human body, pubic hairs are the only ones I don’t get.  I’ve learned to appreciate each and every part of our bodies, even the microscopic parts, after my not-so-brief medical education.  Everything has its purpose except for the keratin outgrowths in our most intimate parts.  They do nothing but create an itch and it looks so unsanitary when it is poorly kept. 

Since I’m about to give birth in a couple of weeks, I’m not looking forward to what the midwife will do to the hairs in the IE room.  Since I have worked in the OB department before, I know that they are going to shave that part.  And hair growth after shaving is agonizing especially when it is growing into newly firm tufts. (It is embarrassing to admit but I have resorted to applying conditioner days after shaving.  It made the growth phase more bearable.  These days, I resort to trimming them instead.)

For someone who has her PH shaved to the skin and had NSD with an episiotomy, I could just imagine the discomfort she must be feeling during the few days after.  She couldn’t pee or poop as easily as she could, afraid that the newly sutured episiotomy wound would give way while dealing with the itch the hard tufts of hair growing in the those tender areas. 

I passed by a Lay Bare branch months ago and thought of having them waxed.  I have no idea how waxing really works.  Even scenes from movies don’t really show what really goes on with waxing.  I thought of Veet and how it made removing hair from legs easy (not that I’m shaving my legs).  It was foolish of me to think that it was the same as waxing in Lay Bare. 

The receptionist told me that they had pregnant women visit their salon before and had the PH removed when they were near term.  These women must have been worried that they’d be seen in a vulnerable state when their PH are poorly kept.  So I have been thinking for weeks to get rid of them too.  With waxing, hair removal involves the roots. Therefore, new growth won’t be as hard as those when you shaved. 

Two weeks ago, I had my first visit.  They told me that Brazilian will work for me because I want everything removed.  I entered one of their cubicles and laid down on one of their beds.  I failed to brace myself for the worse.  The staff was holding up this ball of gummy amber.  She started to roll it over the area and then pulled so rapidly.  The pain was unbearable and I have to ask the lady to stop and not to go further.  She asked me if I wanted a Bikini wax instead.  I wanted to say yes only if they are not going to use the same gummy ball of amber colored material. 

The pain was definitely gripping in it’s highest quality (if there was such a thing).  If there was enough time for me to form cold sweats, I would.  I was afraid I was going to go on labor soon if the lady keeps up with the waxing.  I asked her if the Bikini wax she was offering would make it easier for me and she said yes.  So I let her continue.  She had to do a couple more of the painful root-pulling before she told me it was over.

I don’t know if I’m going back there ever again.  In the meantime, I would have to deal with the idea that I will be shaved bald before I’m going to be sent to the labor room on the day that I’m going to deliver a baby.  And I will have to deal with the itchy aftermath of the shaving and the pain of an episiotomy.


7 Responses to “Lay Bare: My First Visit”

  1. I was thinking the same thing before I gave birth. Lay Bare uses cold wax. I like hot wax better. It feels so much better than cold wax. Well, it still stings after pulling the wax though. I didn’t want my PH shaved before I give birth too because of the itch it will do when it grows back. I haven’t tried this but others take pain relievers 30 minutes before the procedure to minimize the pain. You can ask your OB for a safe pain reliever for you. Research for a good waxer. As in a waxer who can minimize the pain. Good luck!

    • hangingbridge Says:

      sis, less painful ba pag hot wax? I was expecting paraffin wax. But the gummy consistency of the cold wax they use in lay bare makes me think otherwise.

      • Yeah, for me it is. When I got to try the hot wax, I never went back to cold wax na. It also depends on the waxer. They have techniques on how to make the pain more tolerable.

  2. Maybe they’re using sugar wax, I used to do mine DIY lang. But I’m planning to have it done in Lay Bare too before I give birth in December. Hindi ko naman na kayang mag-DIY ngayon, haha… I hope I can bear the pain though, brazilian too =)

    How far along are you na sis?

    • hangingbridge Says:

      four weeks na lang ako sis 🙂 onga, I used to trim them pero I can’t really see that area anymore. There’s such a thing as sugar wax pala heheh! 🙂 Pero napansin ko, since may growth na ngayon uli sa area, medyo stiff pa rin ang hair growth… kala ko mas thinner hair growth like when you pluck sa underarms… heheh! this is truly hair talk heheh!

  3. i wanted to try brazilian at laybare for the longest time but i was so afraid of the pain i’ll experince. hehehe! parang ayaw ko na lalo. 🙂

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