SM Megamall October Sale 2010

My baby only had her clothes ready before the October sale at SM Megamall.  I was really waiting for a sale to hit the stores because I wasn’t planning to splurge that much on stuff that she is only going to use for such a short time. 

It’s a good thing that they allow customers to reserve stuff and paid on the day of the sale.  I was able to go to the mall days ahead to complete my list of baby needs.

I woke up early morning of the 15th thinking that I was going to get there even before the doors were still closed.  I was after the additional 10% discount on top of the marked down prices if I use the SM Advantage card.  I was bracing myself for the crowded mall until my mother called me up and told me that she will just ask my cousin to do my shopping for me.  She wouldn’t allow me to go to the mall knowing that it was really going to be crowded plus everyone will be in a rush going after the additional discount for the first two hours. 

So my mom and my cousin were the one who got my reserved stuff in the baby floor of SM department store. 

I was so happy when they came home seeing all what my baby needed.  They handed me the receipt and I spent less than ten thousand pesos only.  Also, I can pay my mom in installment for six months.  Oh goody! 

For less than Php10K, I was able to purchase the following:

  • crib with bassinet and changing area
  • Pigeon manual breast pump
  • additional newborn nipples
  • breast milk freezer packs
  • EQ 24o diapers (good for one month)
  • First Years nipple butter
  • pajamas
  • mittens and booties
  • bird’s nest cloth diapers
  • formula milk container
  • metal sterilizer
  • bathtub plus cloth tub recliner
  • water container plus tabo
  • pillow, case and beddings

I got other baby stuff given to me as gifts so I don’t need to have a long list.


2 Responses to “SM Megamall October Sale 2010”

  1. Great that you completed your baby list. I’m still trying to build up mine, I don’t want to buy too much stuff kasi and I have yet to see the hand me downs for me to know if I’ll buy or use the old ones.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      next ko sa list is baby proofing our home… like having the aircon cleaned and sterilized everything else 🙂 heheh!

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