Tagaytay Weekend

During the weekend, I was invited by my mother to go to their house in Tagaytay.  I was to go along with my sister and my nephew.  Ordinarily, I would be out of the house in a dash but since I’m almost term, I didn’t really want to risk it.  My sister assured me that our driver would go under 80 kph in order to minimize impact of bumps in the road.  Also, I don’t know if my bladder can keep up during the relatively short travel.  
I sat up front and reclined as much as the one at the backseat would allow. 
Another thing was on my mind during trip to Tagaytay.  It will be my first time that I will see my father since I saw him in LAX to bid him goodbye  since he would be going back to Manila ahead of me.  I know he’s still unhappy with my decisions.  And I’m sure seeing my tummy now that it’s almost term, it would remind him of how I disobeyed and how I was uncooperative with their plans for me. 
When we reached their house, I was the last one to go inside of their home.  I went in with his back towards me eating his afternoon snack.  I tapped him on his shoulder and said hello, gave him a kiss on the cheek and a half hug.  He acknowledged my presence but didn’t utter any word.
In my heart, I’m just very happy to see him and doing well.  And that was more than enough for me.   Never mind the silent treatment.

Not yet ripe enough... but sweetness is just right

 The next day, we enjoyed my mom’s harvest from the nearby “palengke” which my mom and dad walk to upon waking up.  They bought the papaya especially for me.  My mom wanted me to start with the soft diet already. 

Haven't tasted this bread for a long time now

 I took my share of my father’s favorite “panaderia” bread.  I forgot what it’s called but it’s really good.  The bread is soft and the filling not too sweet.  I think it’s just recently baked.  It’s better than the pandesal my sister requested that my mother failed to buy. 

This is really good. Sweet and sour... so juicy!

I finished half of a whole guyabano in one sitting.  There was so much meat and juice with minimum seed.  Truly enjoyable. 

Bake and Churn's Black Forest Ice cream cake

 My sister was supposed to buy me just one cone of ice cream when we drove off to Robinson’s supermarket nearby.  But I begged her to buy the black forest ice cream cake.  I promised I’m not planning to finish the whole thing.  My mom and sister were giving me the look whenever I took a bite of my ice cream cake slice.  They all thought I was getting too much sugar. 

1st time to visit my parents' home in Tagaytay

clear skies during the weekend

The weather was good during that weekend.  I thought we were going to experience cloudy weather with rain clouds since my brother who was left here in Manila told us that it was already raining at home.  My nephew, sister and I were able to walk outside and enjoyed the cool weather sought in Tagaytay.

Gabino enjoying his freedom in the attic... nothing breakable here

In the afternoon, I found my sister and nephew playing in the attic.  I wasn’t supposed to climb up the stairs.  But since I’m taking each step slowly, I didn’t really think there was any problem at all.  I found my nephew running around the attic with his toys strewn all around. 

There was not much to do in my parents home.  Good thing I brought a book with me.  I wanted to roam Tagaytay but I didn’t want my baby to feel that I’m doing it in purpose so that she can get out sooner than later.


2 Responses to “Tagaytay Weekend”

  1. Ganda nung house ng parents mo, black meets grey and white. 🙂 The corners and points are just right! 😀

    • hangingbridge Says:

      thanks sis. I told my parents parang beach house sa dami ng windows. They told me that they somehow copied the design from a Phuket beach resort brochure heheh! kaya pala.

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