A Day of Turrones, Sylvannas, Rice Crispies

Messy Eater

My sister left me a whole pack of turrones.  I remember liking almost-stale turrones because the crispy barquillos becomes chewy instead.  It’s more fun eating them that way.  I did find it hard to resist not eating the package as fast as I can.  I shared it with the rest of the household just so I wouldn’t eat them all. 

Size of the traditional polvoron

 Since I don’t go out of the house and I’m not able to buy myself forbidden sweets due to lack of transportation and money, I have my sister to supply me the sweets I am able to stuff myself with.  One night, when she was to pick up my nephew, she left a box of frozen sylvannas.  This one I didn’t appreciate it much.  It wasn’t that sweet and I thought I was stuffing myself with fat instead of sugar.  So, it lasted for five days in the freezer.  I also needed help finish it. 

I truly love eating this.

This one was brought home by my mother on a Wednesday after she came from Baclaran church.  I was disappointed when she gave me just four pieces of this.  I know I’m on a no-rice diet but the local rice crispy bars must be an exception.  I really really love munching on this one.  This coming Wednesday, I will have to wake up early to text my mom to buy me a pack of this.


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