Baby Diary: Eight Months AOG

Today was baby’s day out and my first time to come out of the house after three whole weeks of house arrest.  Too bad I didn’t go very far because Medical City was just just five minutes away.  Well, it’s better than not going anywhere at all.  I’m getting osteoporotic already from not being able to do any axial loading activities.

I’ve received a couple of bad news today.  First off, I was to take antibiotics again because of my recurring urinary tract infection.  My obstetrician prescribed a bigger tablet and more expensive.   I know that the lesser expensive Amoxicillin still works because I modified the prescription before and the urinalysis after the medication turned out to be negative but I didn’t dare tell that to the doctor. 

Second news was worse.  My baby was in frank breech position.  I was advised to do doggy position three times a day for thirty minutes each.  It was said that this maneuver allows the baby to move freely and may change her position.  But even so, the OB also told me that I have to be open to the idea that I may need a cesarean section. 

I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one.  I don’t want to have a cesarean section because it would be harder for me to take care of my baby after childbirth.  I would like to carry my baby around and breastfeed her in any position she’s comfortable with.  I would like to wash her clothes, change her diapers and more.  But how could I do all of that if my movement will be limited by the scar of a CS.  Darn it!

Scanning the Pics of Via Faith once I got home

My baby is sucking on her lower lip

Umbilical Cord in front of my baby's face

 She’s swallowing amniotic fluid here.  She looks like she’s yawning but I don’t think she’s breathing down there yet.

She's really a girl


2 Responses to “Baby Diary: Eight Months AOG”

  1. Cute name, same tayo sis, baby girl. Where did you have your 4d? I hope your baby changes position na rin. I had my ultrasound too last week, and the baby is in breech position at 7 months. The OB advised me not to worry pa kasi the baby will move pa raw.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      Thanks sis. I had my 4D sa medical city. My mom insisted that I do it there since it’s really nearby. I’m always at my elbows and knees to do the doggy position everytime I feel baby move. Sayang kasi. Baka pag sumipa siya and I’m in that position, it would be easier for her to turn around. 🙂

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