Movie Review: Cinco (2010)

A movie with five episodes in all.  It’s like a book of frightful short stories. 

Kamay: (Starring Sam Concepcion et al)

A final phase of a fraternity initiation took place in a morgue.  Three boys were locked up inside a morgue where everything was poorly kept.  As they were stupidly disturbing the peace of the corpses, they encounter a dead body in the freezer where there was a decapitated arm covering the face.  The neophytes was able to take it off the body and then it started moving around to attack the neophytes particularly the face and the crotch.  Everything ends when the frat leader swallows and spits the whole arm. 

The scariest part(s) is when the boys remove the white linens off the body and faces of the corpses.  The grossest part(s) is when a corpse vomits over the face of one of the character and when bodily fluids spills over one of the neophytes. 

Paa:  (Starring Jodie Sta Maria)

A kid loses her leg and life after running over her newly bought shoes which were stolen by a poor woman to give to her daughter.  In order to take her revenge, the kid haunts the mother relentlessly until the woman gave up and told her own daughter what happened.  The soul ended up burning after the woman finally uttered a prayer. 

Scariest part is when the woman during the funeral, saw the casket empty and the dead kid standing beside her own casket.   

Mata (Starring Maja Salvador)

The main character acquiring the power of a vivid deja vu saw her boyfriend killing two people.  In the end, after repeatedly seeing the zombies of the her boyfriend’s victims, she tried to intrude to prevent the memory from happening.  She ended up killing her own boyfriend.

Scariest part is during the classic bathroom scenes when ghosts passes by behind the character.

Mukha: (Starring Mariel Rodriguez)

It’s all about a psychotic boss who humiliates and fires a janitor.  Her staff wanted to scare their slave-driver boss, so they scared her with photocopied pictures of the face of the janitor.  Meanwhile, the janitor jumped off the building and ended up dead.  The soul then visited the boss on that same night to take his revenge on her.  While the staff were scaring her, she was also being hunted by the janitor.  In the end, the main character went crazy.  She was saying repeatedly the words “You’re fired” which reminded me of the character at the end of the Kimmy Dora flick.

Scariest part is when the photocopied pictures of the janitor ended up in the walls of the main character’s office.

Puso (Starring Pokwang and Zanjoe Marudo)

The love triangle caused the main character to resort to gypsy measures.  A love potion gone all wrong when the guy was murdered in the “haunted house” after drinking an excessive dose of the love potion.  The zombie then ended up obsessive to the main character killing a couple of friends who tried to stop him. The main character was able to kill the zombie by burying him.  When the zombie’s arm still tries to make his way out of the ground, the main character tried to decapitate the arm from the body. The arm ended in her face as she was then killed.  (Note: She was the corpse with the decapitated arm and hand covering her face in the first episode)

I couldn’t identify any scary part in this episode.  From the start, everything was funny especially when I see Pokwang’s character’s face which was full of warty hairy moles all over.


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