RX 93.1 Monster Scholar Program

During the days when I’m still allowed to drive, I always listen to either DZMM or Monster station in the car.  One morning, I wasn’t up to political events and rants so I tuned in to Monster radio to get pumped up for work.  I tuned in just in time to hear a bit of their previous interview with an aspiring scholarship contestant.  I was crying while driving.  I couldn’t help it.  I just felt so much sympathy for the candidate who is almost begging on air for the scholarship.  She was also telling their family’s sob story.

While I was still in school, I thought I was just doing time.  I had no choice but complete my tasks for compliance purposes.  I can’t wait to get out of school.  I love learning like the next person.  But somehow, I found real education outside the university walls.  I have to add though, that I wouldn’t have survived outside the walls of my home and my school if I wasn’t paying attention in school. 

I’ve been out of school for the past seven years.  I thought I wasn’t going to miss it once I graduate but even after 23 years being under pressure of getting on to the next school level, I somehow long for the carefree life of a student.

After hearing a couple more of the Monster Scholarship Program, I don’t think it has been a walk in the clouds for every student.  I’m aware even before that not all can go to school because not all parents can afford to send their children to school.  But only one year ago that I realize how much the deprived young people really want to attend school like the rest of us.  It made me so ashamed that I have taken my “free” education for granted.  I don’t think I have even thanked my parents for working so hard to send me to a good school and allowing me to even go further as much as post graduate studies. 

I have to applaud sponsors for scholarship like the one RX 93.1 radio station is giving out.  Somehow, airing the charity program does not only affect those who are receiving the scholarship but also listeners like me.  This way, the messages reach out to more people that there are kids who are thirsty for a good education.  It reaches out even to the students who are in school who take their education for granted.  Sometimes, when we have too much of a good thing, we tend to take them for granted like being able to go to school without worrying about anything besides getting good grades.

I have to say that I’m scared for my baby.  Will I be able to afford a good school for her education someday?  With tuition hikes every year, by the time she needs to go to school, I’d be up to my neck with bills already.  I do hope I’d be able to provide as well as my parents did to us.  And I also hope there are more programs like this that can reach out to those who have nothing but dreams of a good life someday.


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