Kamote Diet

Since I’m gaining too much weight (I’m way beyond the normal range for a pregnant woman), I am going to subject myself to an almost-no-rice diet and Kamote diet.  I started today.  I had rice for breakfast but that was it.  One rice meal a day wil do.  And if I can endure more, I will have no rice at all.  

I’ve heard of the Kamote (sweet potato) diet before.  Boiled sweet potatoes takes place of rice.  I’m not sure it’s going to work in my case but I have to try.  I’ve modified it a little adding talbos ng kamote in the diet regimen.  I have to add fiber besides the boxed cereals I usually eat. 

Meat is still allowed in my diet regimen since I need all the protein I can get so that I can provide the building blocks for my baby.  I’m using muscovado sugar as my sweetener.  I’m avoiding salty foods ever since I was pregnant.  Hmm… what else? 

Crossing my fingers this works.

Ensailadang Talbos ng Kamote


Two versions of Kamote 🙂


camote cue/fries


7 Responses to “Kamote Diet”

  1. Waaahhh.. like ko to pareho.. enjoy your diet sis 😀

  2. Hello Sis, my mom has been on a kamote diet too and it really works. No meat, just fish and veggies. Daig pa ako hehe

  3. OMGulay! hindi ko yata kakayanin walang meat. or any diet whatsoever. mamamatay ako ng dilat!

  4. camote-q/fries!! lots of sugar please! 😀

  5. my kamote diet started last march 9, no meat po and no rice at all, 1 or 2 kamote sa breakfast w/ 1 glass of nonfat milk, 1 or 2 kamote and fish or vegies s lunch, dinner fruits po orange, apple or pineapple banana……
    and drink lots of water……

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