Family Sunday

It’s my father’s birthday today but like my birthday last month, we didn’t see each other.  I’m still not allowed to see him, I guess.  My boyfriend has been scolding me ever since he knew that I haven’t made a move to reconcile with my father.  I told him that I was just doing my end of the bargain.  My dad made a condition a few months that if I made a choice that he didn’t approve of, all communication with him is cut off.  But today, I sent a text message to greet him.  I didn’t dare call his phone because I don’t want him to hang up on me.  Thank goodness for SMS messages.  Getting rejected wouldn’t feel as bad.  For his birthday, I’m sending him my love and prayer. 

My mother sent the rest of the family and household where I’m staying right now.  I told her yesterday that I won’t really mind if they don’t visit me here today.  The important thing is that daddy will be celebrating his special day with the family.  But mom told me that she and dadddy are off to their house in Tagaytay. 

my sister, relatives and me

So today, the house where I’m staying is at its noisiest.  Family and our helpers from home came to visit and brought food along with them.  It’s sad that the celebrant wasn’t here.  And it’s even sadder knowing that it was because of me.  I’m finding comfort in the fact that they’re enjoying their quality time the whole day.

pancit guisado aka sticky pancit 🙂

I have truly enjoyed this plate of pancit (Conti’s).  It was somehow sticky and it’s solely because of the way the noodles were cooked.  It’s lightly spiced with garlic.  And only strips of chicken and celery went with the noodles.  I think this is the next best thing to San Jacinto’s pancit canton.

Chicken wings!

I made this my “ulam“.  I had three big servings of rice in order to finish three pieces of chicken wings.  I have few exposures to buffalo wings but so far, Conti’s serve the best.  The blue cheese dip wasn’t so bad either.

Baked Salmon

This is the only thing my dad is allowed to eat and mostly what he hates to eat.  It’s too bad he was not here awhile ago to tell us again and again that he’s tired of eating salmon.

I myself, didn’t eat any of it today.  But there’s some leftover in the fridge that I can eat tomorrow.

lengua estofado

This is my ultimate favorite Filipino food (among many others heheh!).  Lengua Estofado rocks!  Just don’t remind me where the meat comes from.

Frozen dessert!

I think I finished almost half of the mango tart pie this afternoon.  My nephew keep calling out “ice cream” since this was served straight from the freezer.  I think this tastes better than Mango Bravo.  I’m not really sure which is healthier though. 

Happy birthday Daddy!  It’s too bad, we have to spend both our birthdays not seeing each other.


2 Responses to “Family Sunday”

  1. Hmmm… Curiosity is piqued as to what decision was made that drove you and your father apart. Call me nosy sis, but your post just begs for the question to be asked. Peace! 🙂

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