What Are Your Beauty Secrets?

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 My Attempts For A Better Me 

There is always a good excuse for a woman to spend time and effort in caring for herself.  Women are thought to invest on their well-being by maintaining and improving it in any way they see fit.  Once a woman is composed in every aspect, she becomes dynamic and effective member of the society.  Hence, there’s nothing wrong in aspiring to be better each day.  The key is to find a way to balance everything.  The task is immensely hard to accomplish but women can always find a way to do it.  

The best way in improving oneself is working from the inside out.  First and foremost, we need to identify our problem areas.  Secondly, we need to determine the cause in order to avoid it.  Third, we find a solution for the existing problem.  

In regards to physical appearance, I find the following to be very helpful in maintaining, if not improving, my sense of beauty.  

My choice for the body cleansing part of my routine is any brand of Dead Sea mineral soap.  I discovered this product three years ago.  I’m using the Fouf brand but there are other brands of Dead Sea mineral soaps like Ahava or 747 found in department stores around the metro.  The minerals in this bar of soap came from the lowest part of the earth, Dead Sea, which is more than 400 feet below sea level.  It is located in between Jordan and Israel.  The minerals found in the mud and water are globally known to have both medicinal and aesthetic benefits.  I use this on my face and the rest of my body.  I don’t have to use another separate facial soap.  It’s not harsh therefore, I can use it in my face as much as I want to in a day.  After every shower, it leaves the skin hydrated, softer and somehow, smoother.  The downside about the Fouf brand is it’s not a scented soap.  So there’s no ongoing aromatherapy when you use it.  

Body Soap

For those aspiring for maintaining their young-looking skin, facial toners should be part of the regimen.  It reduces the risk of sagging of the skin in the face and neck.  I’ve used several toners.  I was prescribed to use the DermClinic facial toner before.  And now, I’m sharing a bottle of Ahava toner with my sister.  A couple of drops in a cotton ball will do.  This is wiped over the face and neck area.  

At bedtime, I leave enough moisturizer on my face and neck after my night wash.  There are several brands that work for my face.  Currently, I’m using the Fouf brand.  Using facial moisturizer overnight will definitely leave the skin soft and supple.  I was born with dry skin and I benefit from facial moisturizers.  Since the consistency is thick and kind of sticky, there’s a need to air dry before actually lying down on your pillow.  

Face Moisturizer

 Sometimes, I use a separate sun block for my face.  I use Nivea sunblock when I know I’m going to spend quite some time under the sun.  The SPF 50 assures me that my facial cells are not going to age or produce unwanted pigments while I stay under the sun.  It’s not water-proof though.  Since I put my hair up in a ponytail, I don’t forget to wipe some on my nape too. 

Facial Sun Block

My favorite loose powder to put all over my body including the face is Johnson’s baby powder.  I don’t leave the house without putting some on my face.  It’s always better to put something in between my skin and the air pollutants outside our homes.  I prefer the fine talc powder of the imported Johnson’s brand because it fills up the crevices of my face.  It makes my face looks smoother than it really is.  I also keep a small bottle in my bag.  Anytime that I need to feel refreshed, all I have to do is splash some of it under my clothes or wipe some in my face.    

Baby Powder

 Another alternative for face powder is the Shu Uemura that provides a little color in my face when my face starts to look a little pale.  It is applied as easy as the baby powder.  Also, it has finer powder that’s really perfect for the face.  

Face Powder

 In certain occasions, when I really need to put on some make-up, I start with liquid foundation.  I tried foundation in powder form but somehow, I end up putting a lot more than necessary.  In this liquid form,  I can easily spread a thin-film all over my face and I get enough coverage.  Also, it provides SPF50 hence, I don’t need to put on a separate sun block.   It’s also good that it lasts for hours so that I only have to retouch on the make-up instead redoing the whole thing.  

Shu Eumura Face Architect

 I honestly believe that the greatest make-up invention is the lip and cheek tint.  The brand that I’ve been using is a product of  The Body Shop.  It gives just the right shade of pink for my skin tone.  It stays long enough before I need to add some more during the day.  It also mixes well with either loose powder or really bear skin.  It doesn’t itch like some other cheek tints in the market. 

Lip and Cheek Tint

Sun exposure is the main cause of aging or wrinkled skin.  I am adamant in using sunblock for everyday use even when you’re walking under the umbrella or riding a vehicle to work.  Sun’s rays bounce off from pavements  and more.  So, when you feel the heat or see light, it is possible that the ray is bouncing off to you.  

I would recommend any brand of sunblock that provides SPF50 that protects us from all types of UV rays.  I use Nivea Sunblock.  Its thick consistency may be uncomfortable but the idea that I’m being protected makes it less sticky to me. 

Sun Block

I was born with really rough hands.  People notice them whenever they had a chance to feel my hands.  The laundry lady at home have smoother hands than mine.  Therefore, I do whatever I can to improve it.  I have applied a couple of different brands on my hands but there are still roughness to work on.  Currently, I’m using the Ahava hand creme.  So far, it makes my hands smoother until I wash my hands again.  But I’m still hoping that my hands will end up smooth continuously.  To reinforce its effects, after rubbing some creme in my hands, I cover them with gloves and leave them overnight.  


Hand Lotion

 I have been using the Nivea brand for my deodorant because it promises underarm whitening and pore-minimizing effects.  So far, the deodorizing effects has never failed.  The whitening effects is hard to measure since I wasn’t able to document how dark my underarms before I started using this product.  I’m not a fan of antiperspirants because it’s not natural to stop perspiration.  Sweating cools the body so I welcome perspiration most of the time.  I’m just not open to body odor.  And this deodorant provides that kind of protection I need.    

Nivea Deodorant

 If there was a lotion addiction, I think I had it at least once in my life.  I have known myself to finish a big bottle of Jergens body lotion in two weeks.  It happened while I was still in school.  Whenever I was studying in the dorm, I have a body lotion beside me which I continuously apply on my dry legs.  Currently, I’m using the Aveeno brand which proves to be a better skin moisturizer than any brand so far.  It is free of any scent hence, you can use it during the day when you’re planning to use your favorite cologne or perfume.  

body lotion

Hair conditioners is something we don’t want to do without.  In taking care of our mane, not everyone can afford a weekly visit to our favorite hair salons.  I rely on my conditioner to maintain and improve the moisture in my hair.  The current brand that I use is the pink SunSilk.  I can attest that it really works in providing shine and moisture to my shoulder-length hair.  Also, I use the Pantene 3-minute Miracle hair treatment weekly – less than it is  prescribed.    

Choice of Hair Goop

 Whenever I lack sleep, I note blotches all over my skin.  A least 8 straight hours of sleep will do our body a lot more good than any beauty product.  Not only does it makes our skin glow but it does gives us the rest we need.  For some who can’t get enough sleep because of work or preference, metabolism slows down.  Hence, we don’t just have blotchy skin but also a bloated, light-headed, sluggish feeling.   

Beauty sleep

Of course, we cannot do without the exercise.  For someone as lazy as me, it’s very hard to find the time.  But I learned that I can do so many workouts in upon waking up in the morning.  I can address different muscles with my version of bed workouts.  That’s how lazy people are –  we need to improvise.  Beauty can’t do without a healthy body so it is important that we need to be fit.  

 We can’t get more rustic with milk and water.  These two are the most accessible and most effective beauty products around.  Peasants and aristocrats resort to these natural products for their regimen.  People even pay good money to in order to get the benefits of these two in various ways.  Some apply it on the skin. I, on the other hand, drink them and let them work from the inside out.   


 If we really want to be beautiful inside and out, we need to take our daily dose of Vitamin C.  Since the body can’t form its own vitamin C, we need to provide ourselves from external sources.  Vitamin C is essential for the repair of our tissues which includes the skin.  I don’t have to worry about wound repair at all.  

My daily dose of Vitamin C

 There might be a new addition to my regimen.  I’ve used exfoliating scrub products made of different types of mineral salts before but I had to discontinue because they turn out to be very harsh on the skin.  There’s a new product in the market made out of Indonesian lulur.  I don’t know much about lulur but since it’s been around ancient times, it must have done something good for women.  The brand that is locally available is Asian Secrets.  As prescribed, it is applied and lightly scrubbed on dry or highly pigmented areas of the body three times a week.  I can use it during my nightly showers.  Hopefully, it will address my extra dry skin.  It could also provide extra aromatherapy since it is scented with jasmine and green tea.  It will be a luxurious way to end my day without spending too much.  For all the things that women has to worry about, Asian Secrets may lift the burden of dry and dark skin off that list.  This is an indulgence that works at the same time. 

And with that, I’ve given away my not-so-secret beauty secrets.  


Contest mechanics 

1. Simply write an answer to this question! 

For the brides: The big day draws near and you have to look perfect. How do you plan to look your best? Youʼre encouraged to talk about your gown, makeup artist, desired look, motif, beauty rituals, and how Asian Secrets can help you on your big day. 

For the general readers: What are your beauty secrets? Youʼre encouraged to talk about the beauty products, tips, tricks that you swear by, plus how Asian Secrets can be incorporated in your routine. 

2. Once you have it, blog your answer (+1 entry) and/or post it as a note on Facebook (+1 entry). Donʼt forget to include four things: your answer to the question, the contest poster, mechanics, and link to the contest page. You can also promote this contest on Twitter (+1 entry), and Plurk (+1 entry) for more chances of winning. For Twitter and Plurk entries, include the hashtag #asiansecrets. 

3. Post all the direct links of your entries in the comments page (click link below). Donʼt forget this step, because without it, we wonʼt know you joined! Also include a valid email address. 

Weʼll be picking the grand winners based on the quality of your answer and how well you promote your entry online. The contest will run from September 8 to October 1, 12 noon. We will be announcing the winner on 6pm. Good luck! 

Visit http://www.projectvanity.com/projectvanity/2010/9/7/the-great-asian-secrets-giveaway-p40000-worth-of-prizes.html for more details. 


  •  This contest is open only to those who live or can travel to Metro Manila. Transportation will not be reimbursed.
  • The winner who wins the bridal package should be personally available on the whole day of October 2, Saturday, for the makeover and turnover of products, which I will cover for my blog. Date is tentative and may be moved.
  • The winner of the iPod + makeup should be available on October 2 to personally claim the products from me. No shipping. Date is tentative and may be moved.

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  1. we have similat beauty regimen like the nivea products, johnson, aveeno, and vit c. hehehe. i hope you win! =)

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