Manila Taxi Drivers

They’re not only extremely awful drivers.  They are also bad business people. 

Not so long ago, Manila taxi drivers had their cheating exposed.  Taxi operators had set up their gas pedals in a way that it can be pumped multiple times so as to increase the meter charges.  As I recall, the taxi meters has been calibrated and sealed by – correct me if I’m wrong – the Land Transportation Office so that commuters will only have to pay what they owe.

For the past four or five years that I have been driving, taxi drivers are one of my pet peeves in the road.  My opinion of them didn’t improve even now that I’m commuting around Manila.  Somehow, I see them as the most obnoxious professional drivers.  They make all these unbelievable excuses why they can’t have you as a passenger. 

Not only that, they think their sedan can accommodate the same number of passengers as a public Toyota FX.  In taxi station, they try to get a couple of passengers going to the same area to ride in their cab.  If a person chooses to ride a taxi, it just means that they prefer to have the privacy a taxi can offer instead of what other public utility vehicles can provide.  What is worse about this set-up is each passenger has to pay the same amount that the meter flashes.  So if the taxi had four passengers inside, he will be able to extort four times the amount they’re supposed to get. 

They’re also used to asking passengers for an additional payment as tip as much as twenty percent of the amount flashed in the taxi meter.  Sometimes, they don’t understand that passengers are crimping money even if they just hired a taxi.  That means, passengers are hoping to get their exact change.  You cannot expect taxi drivers to give it to you.  They hold on to it without asking the passengers first. 

There was one instance that proved to me that some taxi drivers are really difficult people to deal with.  This one time left me terrified of these people.  My company just boarded a cab.  After asking where we were headed, he told us to add extra.  When we told him that we will give what was on the meter to be fair to him and to us.  He then got frustrated and mad at us.  Well, while he was getting mad, I was getting mad myself.  If only I wasn’t pregnant, I would have planned to get off the taxi at that time.  The way he demanded from his passengers for additional payment was like he was mugging his passengers.  He was very threatening. 

In the news tonight, Senator Bong Revilla Jr is issuing a law regarding taxi drivers to be penalized if they continue to extort their passengers.  I had to applaud in the sofa while watching the news.  There are barely good news everyday but this was something I had to look forward to.


6 Responses to “Manila Taxi Drivers”

  1. Hayy sis. Kalerki talaga ang mga yan minsan. Ang pinaka-ayaw ko yong nangunguntrata. Grrr!

  2. Tsk tsk grabe talaga ang mga manila taxi drivers. Last Monday my mom and I rode a cab from Buendia to Glorietta. I don’t know if the driver is pretending or not because he said that he had no idea where Glorietta is! He even said Lorietta or Glorietta because there is a place called Lorietta according to him. He doesn’t even know where to exit to Edsa. My mom and I were actually patient with him and guide him to Glorietta. The fare was only 50 pesos but my mom does not have change so she paid 100 pesos. However the driver insisted he only had a few change with him so my mom got only 20 pesos change instead of 50 pesos. Even if it was only 30 pesos, malaki din ang amount na yun and what if lahat ng passengers nya ishortchange niya. Hay 😦

  3. hay cab drivers… kanina lang dinaya ako :C

    • hangingbridge Says:

      we really should support the bill of Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. At last, he’s proposing something that will help commuters like us.

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