House Arrest

What we do during rehab


I don’t think I’ll be showing my work in the near future because basically I’m no painter.  Since I’m required to stay indoors and pretty much lie around the house, I have to find something to amuse myself.  I brought with me my art set which I bought a few months back.  I never really did get to use it that much.  

Today, I finally set it up in the dining table.  Before I got to work, I needed to search painting techniques online.  Of course, I wouldn’t really learn that fast and that much from the videos.  I started to think of a subject for my first piece.  There was not much of an inspiration inside this house.  I resorted to the flower arrangement in the dining room.  Eek!  

I turned on some Baby Einstein music for my baby while I started working on my piece.  I somehow had to laugh at myself.  Painting during free time would be like going into a rehabilitation or psychiatric facility.  And I’m imagining myself that I really was in therapy.  My unruly hair and messy hands would complete the picture.  

I am always fascinated with colors.  And while I’m aimlessly brushing colors in the thick pages of the blank art notebook, I was quite uplifted.  After sitting there for hours, looking at the hideous page of colors that didn’t go well together, I felt somehow calmed.  Like the hideousness that I have kept inside (and outside) finally found its outlet.  Teehee!  Looking forward to my next work of art.


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