Looking for the Healthy Stuff

Yesterday, I rummaged the fridge to see if there are perishables that needs to be taken out and served immediately.  Most of what I found being ignored were the healthy stuff. 

Pomelo and Leafy greens (Honey Mustard dressing) and decaf coffee


There was a bag of leafy greens that has been in the fridge for more than a week now so there are few soggy leaves which we need to throw away.  Along with half of a pomelo fruit, we used to make a salad similar to what Pho Hoa was serving.  Too bad, we didn’t have the light vinegar sauce they use in the restaurant. Instead, we only had a bottle of Honey Mustard dressing.  Good thing it went well with the salad. 

I’ve been craving for coffee for months already.  My last coffee intake was last July and it wasn’t real coffee because it wasn’t made out of coffee beans.  Instead, the coffee, Roma, was made out Barley which my Adventist relatives drink in their home.  I was freely drinking that coffee because I read in the Baby Center, barley was good for the baby.  (Does that mean I can drink beer?)  Yesterday, I could no longer ignore the instant decaffeinated coffee.  When everyone was going to have their coffee break, I took out a cup myself and fixed myself half a small cup. 

Been eyeing Boncafe for one week now


Decaffeinated is the magic word.  There’s a number of drinks that we need to avoid during pregnancy.  Some of them are because of the caffeine content.  In med school, I read that pregnant women are allowed to drink regular coffee but limited to less than 200mg.  That’s good news for coffee addicts.  But then my sister violently protests against me drinking coffee, decaf or not.  Caffeine increases the risk for miscarriage so I was very careful with the coffee intake yesterday.  I wasn’t able to finish half a small cup. 

I used Muscovado sugar for my (half) cup of coffee


Instead of the bottle of honey, I settled for this bag of sweetener for my coffee.  An alternate for the regular refined white sugar is the Muscovado sugar.  It’s only 11 calories per teaspoon in contrast to 15 calories per teaspoon of that with the regular white sugar.  Also, it has traces of other mineral content like potassium, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium and iron.  It’s also used for baked goods.  It’s considered a healthy alternative.  It’s considered even better than honey sugar content-wise.  Some diabetics prefer using this instead of the chemically-formed aspartame-based sugar alternatives.  By the way, this is a Philippine export product so it must be that good. 



I don’t know why but the homes I lived in always have a bunch of bananas around.  It’s like rice in a Filipino home.  We always have to have banana. In our (bf and my) apartment, we make sure there’s banana “saba” in the house because I always request for “turon” or banana fritters and “maruya” or banana pancakes. 

Pomela and Dalandan


Mommy bought a box or two of pomelo one week ago when she visited relatives in Davao.  Pomelo was so cheap in Davao in comparison to the price in the nearby supermarket.  And she got the ripe sweet ones.  At home, we all love Pomelo especially those who are trying to lose weight.  

I think the Dalandan is from Baclaran during her usual Wednesday morning visit.  There’s always room for citrus fruits at home.  We don’t always have these available around.  So we have to rely to the ascorbic acid tablets (500mg) for our daily Vitamin C needs.  

The corn has been in the fridge for 2 days already Tsk!


I remember one time when I was out on a date with bf, he asked me what I wanted to bring inside the cinema in Megamall.  We were passing by Kingcorn and noted the savory smell of buttered corn.  And I told him I wanted to bring in buttered corn.  He thought I wanted it in a cup but I told him, I want the one in the cob instead.  I knew the kernels were going in between my teeth and I’m going to make a big mess eating this.  That wasn’t the case at all.  I finished my corn before he finished his food.  And I didn’t make any mess at all.  I ended wanting another cob. 

The corn on the fridge was cooked 3 days ago already.  I don’t think it will taste as good as it did when it was freshly cooked.  Too bad.  I’m going to try to finish it later.  I’m afraid I’m eating a lot of leftovers already. 

At the bottom of the fridge, I see pears!


The pears are much ignored.  It’s because I don’t look down at the bottom of the fridge door.  Pears along with “singkamas” are what I call “nothing but water”  but of course, it’s not true.  There must be some nutrients in it besides sugar.  Later, I’ll have it served for snack.  I don’t want to see them get rotten.  

Monay Monay Monay


 There’s nothing special about this monay because it taste as good as any other monay.  I’ve been grabbing half a monay every now and then.  And before I knew it, I’m almost done with the whole bag.  After taking this picture, I grabbed another half.  It’s a healthy option only if one monay is substituted for one whole meal.  I think it would cost a lot less number of calories than eating rice and one viand.  But if you’re counting nutrients, I don’t think it has that much.  

Sweet Tamarind


Not exactly healthy.  This whole box of tamarind will cost you 76g of carbohydrate.  Yikes!  That would be equivalent to the sugar content of 3 cans of regular Coke.  But there’s no need to finish the whole thing in one sitting unlike a can of Coca-Cola.  You can have one and it would be more than enough.  Personally, I will be in more trouble if someone gave me the spicy tamarind candy sold in the market.  I eat that nonstop even if my tongue was burning from all the sugar and spice already.  So if you’re looking for something sweet and messy, grab one.


2 Responses to “Looking for the Healthy Stuff”

  1. Awesome selection! Hahaha! Oooohh monay!!! I miss eating monay… hahaha!

    Good luck on your journey! 😉 And congrats on having a healthy baby! 😀

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