Temporary Set-Up

More than one week ago, I was experiencing pelvic pains that was getting worse each day.  I didn’t wait for my scheduled OB check-up to visit my doctor last weekend.  I told her about the pelvic pains I was having that was initiated by a change in position in bed or in the chair.  And then the doctor told me I was having premature or preterm labor.  Once I heard her say those words, I cried and couldn’t stop.  It pains me to learn that I’m having labor right now when I was being careful the whole time I’ve been here.  I wasn’t doing any heavy work at all. 

When my mom learned that I was having preterm labor, she talked to me and tried to persuade me to live in their empty house near Medical City.  But of course, I said no.  I assured here that I can do my bed rest at our apartment.  But my mom could not drop it.  She called my boyfriend and told him how serious it is to be having preterm labor pains this early.  My boyfriend agreed to let me stay somewhere else for the next two months or until I gave birth before I go back to our apartment since he was always at work and there’s no one to look after me.

So I’ve been staying in my parents’ empty house which was walking distance from Medical City.  It would be easier for me and my baby in case I need to go to the doctor anytime. 

For one week now, all I did was sit while working online and lying down in the sofa in between articles.  I wake up as early as 6am and have my shower and breakfast even before 7am.   *sigh!  I’ll be doing the same thing for the next two months or so. 

Staying at my parents' empty house


Oink Oink 🙂 lying in the sofa in between articles ugh!


BF sent me food 🙂 chicken adobo with boiled egg... to go along with the gulay 🙂


Baby’s dad sent me food last night.  He promised me lugaw but he decided to cook chicken adobo in the apartment and drove here to give me some of it.  So that we’d be eating the same thing and it would seem like we ate dinner together.  Since he’s not allowed inside my parents home (this was their rule), we can’t actually eat together.


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