My Baby Bump

I’m almost done with pregnancy and I still want to document the baby bump until she comes out.  I remember elders saying before that it’s bad to have your picture taken when you’re pregnant.  Thank goodness, the world relies on logic these days and I’m able to take pictures of myself anytime of the day when I feel like it. 

Baby Bump at 6 months

The above pic was taken while still visiting relatives in the States.  I wonder how I hid my pregnancy in the airport upon entry and exit in the States but I pulled it off.  If they noticed my baby bump underneath the clothes, the immigration will probably send me back home.  Well, they didn’t have to worry because I was not planning to stay that long to have my baby born there. 

Baby Bump at 7 months

This was taken one week ago in our (bf and my) apartment.  The tummy flattens out when I lie supine in bed.  I think my baby likes me lying down because she can make all the movements she wants since there’s more room.  I can still breathe in this position unlike some women who have to lie on their side so that they can breathe.  My baby isn’t big enough yet to compress my lungs way up when I’m lying down.


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