Baby Shower At Pizza Hut

Last Sunday, I had the chance to celebrate my pregnancy with very few people. They were the very few who knew about the pregnancy.  Instead of holding it in Pizza Hut Bistro, we decided to hold it in the regular Pizza Hut restaurant where there were more seating preferences. 

As planned, we took advantage of the 99 promo meals.  We held it at 2pm when hopefully, everyone has already eaten lunch.  Sneaky of me, right?  heheh! But I hope it didn’t matter to the guests what food they ate.  We played games while dining.  Thanks to Baby Center Online, we had an idea what to do during the baby shower. 

We did the Dirty Diaper where the guests were given a tissue shaped like a diaper with chocolate smears and clumps inside that they have to taste and identify the brand of the chocolate.  We bought the local brands to make it more challenging. 

We also did the mum’s the word game.  Three words were not to be spoken during the whole time – baby, mommy, month.  The one who doesn’t utter those words until the baby shower is over wins. 

We resorted to the Association Game (Baby Version) in the end because we ran out of ideas when we had time in our hands.

Few of Those Who Knew About the Pregnancy Got to Be Invited

Arlene left early and Missy came in late

Baby is very thankful for the gifts


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