30 Pounds More

I’ve been eating for two ever since I realized I was pregnant – at 6 weeks AOG.  And 24 weeks after, I have gained 30 pounds and counting.  I’m having a hard time fitting in my preggy clothes.  Out of the 30 pounds, only 500 grams of it is my baby, according to the UTZ result done one month ago. Geez.   I must be eating for myself.  

In our (bf’s and my) apartment, there was no mirror big enough to see how I was getting so I was relying on photos to see just how big I was.  

Eating for Two or Eating for Myself?

Now I needed to get size XL maternity clothes.  I was supposed to buy in Pasig Palengke since I don’t want to spend for clothes that I’m going to wear for a few months more.  But on my birthday, my mom noticed the waste part of my pants is getting too tight already.  So she pulled me to a maternity shop (Pois Belly and Kids) and bought some loose clothes for me.  

Maternity clothes Size? XL

loose pants for the big tummy and giant thighs ehehe!

 I didn’t realize that they cost my mom quite much until I saw the receipt.  If I knew she was going to spend that much on clothes, I would have asked for a stroller or a breast pump instead.  But of course, I couldn’t because the giver decides what to give.  I was just thinking that I can still breathe in the tight maternity clothes I have right now.  And I still need a lot of baby stuff 😦  I didn’t want to sound ungrateful so I thank mommy for the clothes before we part ways. 

I just have to include another stuff.  For women like me who’s on the extra heavy side, it’s better to spend for a good pair of shoes.  The lightweight Crocs below make it easier for my ankles and the balls of my feet to carry my weight. 

comfy pair of shoes


4 Responses to “30 Pounds More”

  1. At least ikaw sis, you’re gaining weight kasi you’re eating for 2. Ako, i’m gaining weight and I’m eating for myself and myself alone. 😦

    Anyways congrats sis for being a mom! 😀

    • hangingbridge Says:

      thanks 🙂 I’m trying to choose what I eat these days. I’ve got two more months to eat right para hindi masyadong malaki si baby pag labas niya.

  2. I’m 26 weeks pregnant and my appetite is growing everyday. I can’t fit in my clothes too so I have to look for roomier maternity clothes.

    • hangingbridge Says:

      I suggest sis, that you buy clothes that will fit until the 9month AOG. In my case, I thought we wasted money for not buying loose-enough clothes before. Now, I had to buy another set of maternity clothes that I will wear for just a few more months.

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