Baby Shower Under Tight Budget

One month ago, a baby shower was out of the question.  But my cousins got me excited with the idea.  I was having second thoughts because I was sure I was going to be the one who’s going to spend for the baby shower.  And now that I’m pretty much a jobless pregnant woman, I tend to save every cent I have.

The Pizza Hut 99ers promo got me into thinking that I will be able to afford a baby shower if held in one of the Pizza Hut restaurants.  I could schedule the baby shower when all I need to serve are snacks.  I will be able to see my friends at last ever since I got pregnant.  Some of the people in the guest list didn’t even know I was pregnant.  It would be a nice present for everyone.  And also, I really wanted to celebrate my pregnancy.  If my family cannot celebrate my pregnancy with me, I can rely on friends to celebrate it with me. 

Baby Shower Planning: My cousins Ken, Kate, Kuya Mike and me (on the far right)

I was hesitant of holding a baby shower in Pizza Hut Bistro.  Everyone was asking why I won’t hold the baby shower at our apartment but I know the hassle it entails.  I don’t have any help to cook anything (since I don’t know how) and to clean up afterwards.  It would really be best to hold the shower in an affordable restaurant.


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