Anxious Mum

I’m in my 30 weeks AOG already and baby Faith is moving so very often, it’s a bit scary for a first time mother.  It’s like she’s playing in her made up playpen inside me.  Sometimes, I’m afraid she might pull off from her umbilical cord because she’s too active.  The scariest of them all when I see her making a visible solid bump on my tummy.  

I may not be motherly as I wanted to be… scared of my own baby. It is because I finally realized that there’s this separate person inside of me.  And the idea is terrifying.  I know she’s supposed to move more often since she’s almost completely done.  I remember assuring mothers in the OB department before regarding the changes in their body and their babies.  I was always asking if there are daily fetal movements.  But now that I’m in their position, even though I know it’s normal, I’m so anxious about everything.  

After a couple of days, I’ll probably get used to the idea.  But I do hope my baby moves gently and not like she’s pulling my insides out.  Everyone is happy especially the father of my baby when I tell them baby Faith is running around my belly again.  

Below is a picture of her at 6 months AOG.  I can’t wait to get her picture taken again once I get out of my Complete Bed Rest prescription.  (I’m under medication for preterm labor.) 

Baby Faith at 6 months


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